1445 NW Turner Dr

1445 NW Turner Dr, Pullman, WA 99163


1 year ago

Glendimer Apartments - Pullman, WA

This building is good for both first time renters and students. The landlord has been very understanding when rent takes extra time to scrape together, even suspending the late fees one month where it was nearly three weeks late, their response to any maintenance issues is prompt and has involved friendly personnel. The apartment itself seems to be in good repair and no major issues have cropped up, the appliances (fridge & oven/range-top) were in good condition and have operated fine. The build... View More
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1 year ago

Quiet, friendly complex

The Turner drive complex is very quiet and all the neighbors are very friendly. There are a few college students as well as university professors and local engineers. I haven't had any noise complaints in the year I've lived here. The landlords are very kind and understanding. They fix any issue you bring to their attention. My only issue is that they don't communicate well when preforming repairs on the whole unit. I've had to call about my water being turned off twice and it was because a wat... View More