435 Atwood St

435 Atwood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213


1 year ago

Good landlord

I've been living in my apartment here for 2 years. The landlord is great and responsive, and fairly lenient. The biggest perks are the lot behind the apartment building, where you can rent a spot monthly for $50 (much less expensive than many parking spots in Oakland, and it's actually right next to your house instead of a few blocks away!), and the fact that every apartment has a balcony. A lot of people grill or grow plants out there in the summer. In general, the apartments are spacious, alth... View More
1 year ago

Typical college apartment

Not the worst apartment I've been in but not great either. Cental air conditioning, laundry and parking are convenient. However, the laundry is coin operated but no change machine is available, and the landlord charges $50/month for parking without ever salting or maintaining the parking lot. Sometimes things get fixed and sometimes they don't. But it's mostly your typical college apartment, located close to Pitt's campus and fine as lon as you keep it clean.