526 E Ute St, Tulsa, OK 74106


1 year ago

Meet Me.

This is a very nice place to settle down and have a family to meet. Because of the fact that this building is full of excitement, which feels much more like a very pure water that comes down in a tropical climate, not too hot and not too cold. Just the right temperature. Not only that but it lays on a very good elevation. This is place is full of enjoyable, in fact most of the people who are working here are exceptional, they are very charming and easy to keep in touch with because of their g... View More
1 year ago

Old and weak

The apartment which I live in now is good but it needs some kind of repair. Some of the water lines are out of ordered. The water billings is sky rocket, In fact the water meter runs fast even if the water turn off. The management is great, the workers are very friendly, they come to me when call for help even though they did not do all the work, But I did understand that the problem is their fault, the money problem. The also give me time to pay off my rent. They are not forcing me to hu... View More