115 Navaho St

115 Navaho St, Louisville, OH 44641


2 years ago

Quiet Area

This is a quiet, clean area, in a small town. The festivities in the town keep up the excitement of living here. With sliding glass doors on both levels, and access to the large yard, this apartment is good for pets and children. The yard is maintained by the Landlord. It has a cement patio on bottom level and Deck on the top level.
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2 years ago

My Appartment

This is a typical apartment where the landlord will do only basics to keep it going. If my appliances fail, I will have to purchase another one on my own. My carpeting is brown shag...Yuk. The linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom are out dated I do have a nice air flow, and they did say they would give us central air....It's been two years and now say that if they do give it to us, they would raise the rent ( my contract says they won't) I am paying $575.00 currently a month. I like my slidi... View More