11 Fort George Hill

11 Fort George Hill, New York, NY 10040


2 years ago

My little carved out space

It's a two bedroom apartment I share with my wife and two young boys, complete with a balcony. It overlooks the near northernmost tip of Washington Heights with a semi-decent view of the Downtown area and a sprawling panorama of the Bronx. The apartment itself is nice and has a lived in feel. Some parts of it could have been designed a little better, like the kitchen which is a bit smaller than I would have liked with not enough counter space. The bathroom also is barely big enough for two. The ... View More
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2 years ago

Decent size for the price

The apartment itself is somewhat spacious, and having the living room, and kitchen separated from the bedrooms is a plus. The linoleum isn't the nicest looking floor, but it's a light wood looking linoleum, so it makes the apartment look brighter, especially with the open windows across the wall with the balcony.
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