Village One Apartments

Village One Apartments, Menands, NY 12204


2 years ago

Going on three years....

I have lived at my current apartment for almost three years and I have to say its obviously pretty great. The complex is huge with apartments ranging from studio to 2 bedroom and they're fairly cheap. I rent a large studio (with a walk in closet) and it started at 579. The only downside is that every year they have raised my rent so I'm now at 613 which still isn't bad. The complex has a pool, tennis courts, and is right next to a park in a small town five minutes away from downtown Albany. Ove... View More
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2 years ago

Good for what you pay

The apartments are pretty good sized and are getting remodeled as old tenants move out, so you might get a newer kitchen and or bathroom. The grounds amd buildings around the main office are the only ones taken care of. The walls are just painted and not finished so the slightest thing that touches the was scuffs it. If you have any maintenance issues their solution is to fix it minimally. The entrenched are insect ridden in the summer and the hallways smell of cigarettes constantly. But it'... View More
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