183 Walnut St

183 Walnut St, Paterson, NJ 07522


1 year ago

2nd floor apartment with 3 bedrooms.(2 very small bedrooms)1bath

1.Infestedwith roaches 2.Old Stove 3.Chipped Paint 4.Holes in living room walls from previous tenant's Verizon box 5.Lead and Mold 6.Broken shower wall tiles 7.Broken Bathroom floor tiles 8.Unflushable toilet (Using Bucket filled with water to flush) 9.No Fire Alarms 10.No Carbon Monoxide Alarm 11.No use of backyard 12.No Hallway Lights 13.Broken Stair Railing in hallway 14.All windows are real old few doesn't open 15.No Fire Extinguisher 16.Non workable boiler(in the winter have to constantly... View More
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