289 Ambling Way

289 Ambling Way, Boone, NC 28607


1 year ago

Wonderful student Housing

University Highlands is a wonderful place to stay! The best part has to be that is furnished. The furnished is wonderful and extremely comfortable. It is also very convenient that a bus comes six times within one hour! The staff is extremely friendly and easy to work with. It is a very safe complex, with a night guard who walks around each night. Definitely the place to stay if you want a furnished, safe, and convenient place to stay while being a student in Boone, NC!
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1 year ago

Better than before

My apartment last year was not the pinnacle of living. In fact it was the cheapest apartment I could find. And boy oh boy did It show. There were holes in the 70's wood paneling that constituted the wall and my room in particular was very threadbare. Mostly because it had no window nor any natural light, just a bare lightbulb dropping down from the ceiling. Gladly, I have moved out into a new apartment with white walls and a window. That is a marked improvement from the conditions last year. At ... View More
1 year ago

New Apartment

This apartment is a major step up from my previous one already. I actually haven't set foot in it but I've been to the complex and it appears that my room has a window and white walls. That is amazing compared to the dark windowless, 70's wood-paneled room I've had over the past year while being a college sophomore.