4360 N Kitley Ave

4360 N Kitley Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46226


1 year ago

Hot for the summer

Moved in the first of Jan 2015 & it heated up very well but come summer it has no A/C. My renter wouldn't install one so it was uncomfortable & unbearable at times. Secondly the piping is not good, the roof leaks, and there's a bug issue. Unless you're going to buy an air conditioner I would NOT live here.
1 year ago

No A/X

I transitioned from North Carolina to Indiana in January of 2015. When I moved in the place seemed nice, no bells or whistles, but a quality, well insulated, home. Turns out there is no A/C unit, which was the last thing on my mind when renting a place while snow is on the ground. All in all, it is acceptable if you have a window unit. Nice, gated back yard for children or animals, calm neighborhood.