1310 N. Cormorant Pl. Apt.E101

1310 N. Cormorant Pl. Apt.E101, Boise, ID 83713


1 year ago

Too small for the price; For Boise,Id

2 bdrm goes for $850 per month! 1 bdrm's go for $700 a month the amount's are just the starting rent;Example: 2bdrm handicapped sizes: Frnt closet:1'10 3/4'';dining 8'x9';mstrbd 9'2 1/2"x13'7 3/4" 2nd bth;7'1 1/4"x6'D;walk-in closet:5' 31/4"Dx 4' 10 3/4w;2bdrm:11'2"Wx13'D! The ceiling is like paper thin(so "only small bk shelf boom box" for home theater sound w/o Bass! from back 2 front"(in every unit)"! Not even p.c. speakers! especially for being about 5 yrs old! The location is excellent! Nea... View More