1827 E Jewell Ave

1827 E Jewell Ave, Denver, CO 80210


2 years ago


Great location. Landlord is amazing and is very easy to work with. Any problems in the house were fixed immediately. I would highly recommend any one to rent this place put
2 years ago

Solid Apartment

If your looking for the fanciest apartment in Denver then you are in the wrong place. That being said, for your money, this is one of the best deals you will find! It's an older house divided into 3 separate sections, we currently live in the main part which has 4 bedrooms (2 up, 2 downstairs) 2 bathrooms (1 up, 1 downstairs) as well as a kitchen, living room, and a laundry room with free washer and dryer. Unfortunately the laundry room is shared with the 3 divisions so you do have neighbors tha... View More