1000 Lincoln St

1000 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203


2 years ago

Lincoln Heights Apartments

Great location, walking distance from most major spots in Downtown Denver. Easy to hop on a bike and ride to one of the many parks nearby or down to the Cherry Creek trail. Shopping and restaurants are just a short walk away. Most tenants keep to themselves, the apartment leasing staff/owners keep the landscaping outside well groomed throughout the summer. Although the building is almost a century old, it is well maintained. Insects/rodents/pests have never been an issue. The only rough part abo... View More
2 years ago

Lincoln Heights

While the building is modest looking, the apartments inside (mainly studios) have a lot of character. I mean, you're not going to have an ultra-modern apartment in this building, but that's not why you live here. You live here because its right next to one of the prettiest streets in Denver (Poet's Row down Sherman St.), you'll be a twenty minute walk to the bars on S. Broadway, a fifteen minute walk to Cheeseman Park, a thirty minute walk to the Blake St. bars, and a one minute walk from one of... View More