470 Lucera Ct

470 Lucera Ct, Pomona, CA 91766


2 years ago

My apartment is truly a home

My home is comfortable, peaceful and with beautiful surroundings. It’s well built so I don’t hear other tenant’s noise and problems and maintenance are handled immediately without question by the best on site management staff. The grounds are pure nature and well maintained with lots of trees and shrubs. The rooms are comfortably good size with a spacious kitchen. Best of all, there is what I call my “huge back yard” with a large private patio that looks out onto accessible and unobstructed... View More
1 year ago

Eaves Philips Ranch

I like the apartments themselves, like the actual inside, nice structure. I dislike management, they can be awfully hard to deal with. The location is only good if you go to school nearby, other than that these apartments are way overpriced, I could rent a house 10 miles east for about the same price. They have raised my rent up by 200 dollars since I have moved in.