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1 year ago

Woodbury Arbor

This neighborhood is very nice. Woodbury is known to be a family community and it truly is. My sister and her kids has also lived here happily for almost 8 years now. There are schools literally on every corner, the kids can walk to and from school safely without any worry. Woodbury also has it's own town center which includes a Ralph's, Walgreens, Trader Joes, Home Depot, 24 Hour Fitness, a Starbucks, and so much more including my personal favorite Nikko Nikko Sushi! It's so convenient to have ... View More
1 year ago

Arbor at Woodbury

I live in low income apartments the inside is comfortable, 1 bed/1 bath. Living in low income you have no rights. I have staff, owners, maintenance and they bring in outside people going through my apt at least every other month. They say changing light bulbs, next month checking filters, next month checking for damages, one time checking for bed bugs with a dog. the apts are only 5 years old. They say they give you 24 hour notice, not true I work when I get home at 6 pm I have a notice that ... View More