Rancho Vista Apartment Homes

120 S Grand Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804

1 year ago

Not the Ritz

I live in a run down section of Anaheim near Buena Park. My apartment building was built in the 60's and has not been remodeled for years. The rent is a bit high for a studio. I pay $900 a month plus utilities. I have a neighbor who is a nut. When she forgets to take her meds, she starts calling our landlady claiming outlandish things about what she thinks goes on in our apartment. Never a dull moment in our complex. Why do I stay there? They allow pets which many apartments do not.... View More
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1 year ago

Worst landlord ever

I am not a satisfied resident of Rancho Vista apartments. My husband and I moved in to the apartment in April, and the signed date we had agreed on, the manager decided to take an 'emergency day' and and closed her office and we couldn't move in on our signed date on the papers we had originally signed. After hours of calling her and waiting for her to call us back, she decided to argue with my husband instead of making the situation better by apologizing, she then called her other associate ... View More
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