Winter Park, FL

Finding Apartments for Rent in Winter Park, FL

It's easy to find apartments for rent in Winter Park. As a college town, there are plenty of student housing options nearby, including private residents who rent out rooms or converted apartments at very cheap prices. The main residential section of Winter Park has reasonably priced apartments that are suitable for families. For those who prefer a more cosmopolitan lifestyle, several luxury apartment complexes have popped up over in the antiques district.

Top Neighborhoods in Winter Park, FL

Winter Park is a family-oriented city, and with the exception of a few luxury high rises, the neighborhoods are normally very residential and consist of single family homes, some of which have apartments for rent within them or as separate buildings in the yards. The best neighborhoods in town are:

  • The Historic District--These are where the oldest residences in town are located. The streets are beautifully landscaped with tall trees that have branches overhanging the cobbled thoroughfares to provide shade. The houses here are usually quite large, with architectural styles ranging from mid 19th to mid 20th century. This area is very lovingly kept up by its residents, and children can play safely here. It is within walking distance of the shopping district and Central Park, and a nice country club sits on its outskirts, with the historic Casa Feliz located on its grounds. Like all neighborhoods in Winter Park, the schools here are top rated, and any family would enjoy living here among the old time splendor.
  • The Lakes District--Winter Park is full of lakes. In fact, some canals connect many of the lakes, and one company offers guided boat tours from lake to lake. On these tours, you can see some of the smaller, lesser known parks in town....but these are the parks with the best views. From the lakes and the parks, you can see all of the gorgeous mansions that are off the main thoroughfare in Winter Park. A lot of rich people live here, and it shows. Take a look at how the other half lives, or buy a house here yourself if it's in your budget. The neighborhood is safe, out of the way, private, and exceptionally gorgeous.
  • The Student District--This is the area immediately around Rollins College, and running a few blocks in any direction of it. This is where people living in old-style homes rent out rooms to students and others. Some homeowners in this neighborhood have even converted part or all of their homes into apartments for rent. While the housing is directed at students, anyone can rent here, and the rent is cheap. Plus, it is within walking distance of the shopping district and Central Park, so you can't go wrong by being close to the good things of the town without paying a fortune. The Winter Park Public Library is also in this neighborhood, which is perfect for kids.

Cultural Attractions in Winter Park, FL

Winter Park has some amazing historical attractions to see. First off is Rollins College. This is an older, private college, and the alma mater of some famous people. Perhaps its most famous graduate is Fred Rogers, who invented and starred in the children's TV series, "Mister Rogers's Neighborhood." While you're in town, you must also see the Winter Park Historical Museum, which houses a lovely collection of antiques from the city's past. There is also the Morse Museum, which has a huge collection of Tiffany lamps, probably the largest such collection in the world. The Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum is available for tours and events, such as weddings. The Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens showcases the work of the famous sculptor, while also providing a beautifully kept garden outside for visitors to tour.

Shopping in Winter Park, FL

Winter Park is known for its fine shopping. In fact, it has a whole shopping district all to itself that attracts visitors from around the world. Centered on Park Avenue, but extending all the way to the residential historic district in one direction and back to main thoroughfare Fairbanks Avenue in the other direction, you will find boutique shopping galore. Clothing, jewelry, antiques, art, salons, books, gourmet foods, and more can be purchased in the endless line of stores that seem to go on and on and on. There are also some very nice gourmet restaurants interspersed among these for the hungry shopper. In the background of all of this shopping paradise is a blocks-long public park where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while you feed peanuts to the friendly squirrels and pigeons, and go through your shopping bags full of newly purchased goodies.

Weather in Winter Park, FL

This is Florida, so the weather is usually going to range from really hot and humid to mildly cool. Once in a while, there is a really cold day (or two or three in a row) in the winter, but this is by no means the norm. The weather typically runs from hot, humid, and rainy in the summers, to hot, a bit less humid, and trending toward some pleasantly mild days in the fall, sometimes cold but mostly cool in the winter, to mildly cool trending back toward hot in the spring. There is very little rain in the winter in Florida. Being inland, Winter Park is not as prone to hurricanes as other areas of the state, but a few have gone through in weakened forms in the past. As long as you're not out in the middle of the afternoon on the hottest day of the summer or in the middle of a rain storm, you will love the weather here.

1 Neighborhoods in Winter Park, FL

  • Fairview

    Twenty minutes northeast of Orlando, this neighborhood encourages residents to walk or bike to work. Winter Park provides residents a Main Street square featuring fashionable boutiques and art galleries. Residents look forward to the annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, one of the nation's oldest and largest juried art shows featuring entrants from around the world. Leave your apartment behind on a lazy Saturday afternoon and visit the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art to view the most comprehensive collection of Tiffany glass anywhere in the world.