West Sacramento, CA


West Sacramento enjoys the unique privilege of being a fairly quiet residential community right next door to a thriving metropolis. Separated from the state capital only by the Sacramento River, West Sac (as the locals call it) shares virtually all of Sacramento’s resources, cultural and otherwise. The I Street Bridge and Tower Bridge both feed straight into Sacramento’s historic district and downtown entertainment district. On West Sacramento’s side of the river, one of the biggest attractions is the shopping, but scenic areas like River Walk Park and venues like Raley Field give folks plenty to do in their own neighborhood.

2 Neighborhoods in West Sacramento, CA

  • Broderick

    The Broderick neighborhood of West Sacramento provides easy access to downtown Sacramento while retaining a small-town feel. Located just across the river from the urban core, Broderick offers access to riverside parks at a lower cost of living.

  • Southport

    Spacious new apartment buildings sit side by side with classic rentals built in the 1970s in the Southport neighborhood of West Sacramento. Neighbors in this area appreciate the welcome breeze blowing off the Sacramento Delta, making the whole neighborhood cooler during the summer. A quiet vibe and easy traffic are also big draws to this livable and affordable area that sits just southwest of downtown Sacramento.