Uptown Cedar Isles-Dean – Minneapolis, MN

Cedar-Isles-Dean, a small neighborhood in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, takes its name from Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles and Dean Parkway. Those two lakes along with Calhoun and Harriet lakes bring acres of parkland, miles of trails and scenic views to the community. Home to some of the most affluent residents of Minneapolis, Cedar-Isles-Dean exists about four miles from downtown Minneapolis and 14 miles from downtown St. Paul. The affluent neighborhood features stunning architecture including original homes by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it provides its residents with quiet residential living in a verdant setting near Uptown's commercial area, where locals and visitors can enjoy arts, shopping and dining.

Restaurants & Nightlife

For evening entertainment, Cedar-Isles-Dean residents flock to the Uptown area, where Hennepin and Lagoon sit at the center of the action. There, more than 20 bars pour pints and serve cocktails within a three-block radius, live music can be found almost any night of the week and small theaters stage diverse shows. Gourmands and young urbanites love Barbette. This neighborhood bistro serves locally sourced ingredients prepared in a modernist French style. If you're out late, stop by for the late plates, which include pate and brie on a baguette, lamb burgers or espresso creme brulee. Lake & Irving has small inventive plates ranging from duck reuben to green lentil falafel, as well as full meals. If you like to dine on swine, the kalua pork with pineapple slaw sandwich or the shoyu braised short ribs offer succulent melt-in-your-mouth texture and multi-faceted flavor. The Eat Street World Kitchen is a food truck turned into a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Try the yum yum rice bowl, a signature dish featuring soft-cooked egg, peanuts, crunchies and secret sauce. Other dishes on the menu artfully blend world cuisines into meals such as red curry Bangkok burrito or caramelized lamb belly. One of the many bars in Uptown that has live music, Liquor Lyle's features old booths, affordable drinks and a cozy atmosphere. Muddy Waters, another spot for live music, showcases craft cocktails, espresso drinks and a gastropub atmosphere. If you're in the mood for some late-night dancing, head to such clubs as First Avenue or Aqua in nearby downtown Minneapolis. The commercial area of Uptown grew up around the Lagoon Theater, a vaudeville theater of the 1920s, and modern residents of the area also love to see shows. You can catch an independent production at the Jungle Theater, an old venue that serves beer in the theater, or at Bryant-Lake Bowl, a combination theater and bowling alley. If you prefer laughs, check out the comedy skits at the Brave New Workshop.

History & Culture

In the 1880s, Cedar-Isles-Dean and the surrounding area became popular. Residents eager for a break from the city took streetcars to the area for boating and recreation on the lakes, and many hotels and vacation cottages sprung up during this time as well. As the city expanded, residential construction boomed in the area through the 1920s, and a commercial district quickly followed. Families lived in this area through the middle of the 20th century, but several demographic shifts changed the area into a haven for artists and young people. Now, artists, hippies, hipsters and families all call this area home, and they support the area's artistic vibe at the annual Uptown Art Fair. Near Cedar-Isles-Dean, the Bakken Museum, an interactive science museum, and the Minnesota Streetcar Museum educate and entertain patrons, while the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Walker Art Center display art within driving distance.


Although walking is a popular pursuit for Cedar-Isles-Dean residents, not all of the restaurants and shops in the area lie within walking distance. However, the area's streets have bike trails, making bicycling safe and convenient. Kenworth Trail and Cedar Lake Trail circle the lakes and take residents into downtown Minneapolis. Taxis and Uber serve the Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood. Although cabs are somewhat elusive, residents have learned to call them to the area instead of trying to hail them in the street. Dean Parkway joins the neighborhood to Interstate-394, and that interstate joins with I-35 and 94 to take drivers to downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul or the suburbs.


Living in Cedar-Isles Dean costs more on average than living in other parts of Minneapolis. While the average renter of a one-bedroom apartment in Minneapolis pays around $950 per month, landlords may charge a monthly rent of $1200 for a similar apartment in Cedar-Isles-Dean. Accessing downtown by public transit costs $3 during rush hour, but tickets are as low as $1.75 during other times of the day. Seniors and students ride for less than a dollar. While gas prices in Cedar-Isles Dean are about 4 percent lower than the national average, parking on most residential streets costs nothing, and many restaurants have free parking lots. However, drivers need to park in a paid lot or parking garage near the commercial areas. If you are thirsty, expect to find a pint of domestic beer for $4 and a pint of craft beer for $5 to 7.


Cedar-Isles-Dean residents shop at the upscale men's clothing boutiques Atmosfere and Knights Chamber Clothiers. These shops, along with a Nespresso Boutique, a cooking school and several restaurants, exist among high-end chain stores in Calhoun Square, one of the main shopping centers in the Uptown area. Women's boutiques in the area include Covered and Prim and Proper. Located in Uptown, Lunds & Byerlys, a high-end local grocery store, and Whole Foods, an organic chain, sell groceries to Cedar-Isles-Dean residents. Both stores often offer cooking demonstrations with in-season produce and fresh meats, and you can pick up all your ingredients right in the store. Residents may also drive to Trader Joe's in St. Louis Park. During the summer, you can stock up on local produce at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market.


The green land around Cedar-Isles-Dean's lakes provides residents with outdoor areas for recreation and relaxation. For a special olfactory treat, head to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden — a favorite backdrop for wedding photos, the rows of lush roses in this park bloom in mid-June. If you prefer something more active, check out the canoe rentals or beach volleyball courts by Lake Calhoun. Bryant Square Park attracts a diverse crowd of kids and adults, and this urban park has ice-skating rinks in the winter. Annually, the neighborhood hosts a New Year's Eve celebration with marshmallows and hot chocolate around the banks of the Lake of the Isles.
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