Torrance, CA

Finding Apartments for Rent in Torrance, CA

Located in the South Bay of L.A. County with a mile and a half of Pacific Ocean beaches, Torrance is one of the best beach towns in California. Here's why: Tourists don't really know about it. Tourists go to Santa Barbara, they go to L.A., they don't go to Torrance.

This means quiet beaches. It means getting to hear the seagulls flying around overhead, it means going for a swim without being hit on by every guy on the beach, it means surfing without having to fight twenty other guys for a wave. It means you might see a dog here and there, but you're not going to be shaking dog hair out of your beach blanket every time you go to sit on it.

In other words, Torrance isn't a beach town, Torrance is the beach town you imagine when you think of beach towns. Torrance is not the loud, touristy, tacky, litter-strewn beach town you're used to being disappointed by. In real life, Torrance looks like the photos of Torrance that they put in the brochures.

The beach might be all you need to fall in love with Torrance, but there is more to Torrance than just a mile and a half of gorgeous, unspoiled sand and surf. 

Top Neighborhoods in Torrance, CA

Torrance is generally considered to be one of the safest areas in L.A. County, but if you really want to live somewhere nice, Delthorne, Madrona, Pacific South Bay and Seaside all score high rankings on Street Advisor. Really though, there are no bad neighborhoods in Torrance.

Cultural Attractions in Torrance, CA

There's way too much to do in Torrance to really do it justice here, but to list a few of the great spots to check out while you're there we should start with Wilson Park. Forty four acres of beautiful grass and sand and picnic and sports facilities. There's a modern gymnasium, a skatepark, a rink for roller hockey, and a Farmers Market every Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Del Amo Fashion Center is one of the five biggest malls in the US, and the Torrance Cultural Arts Center almost always has something going on, including regular performances by the Torrance Performing Arts Consortium.

Dining in Torrance, CA

Torrance is all about amazing California cuisine. You can find a huge, huge variety of foods here. You've got the Lazy Dog Cafe for lunch, Bonello's New York Pizza for some incredible Italian, and one of our favorites, Santouka Ramen. You don't expect to find a great ramen shop in every California restaurant, but Santouka has some of the best noodles you'll find outside of Bangkok.

Weather in Torrance, CA

What would a great beach be without great weather? On any given year, you'll see average lows rarely falling below the mid forties, and average highs that never seem to go above eighty. An overcast sky here and there and cool ocean breezes help the town from being scorching hot even in the Summer. An interesting phenomenon here, though, is that you might see temperatures vary a much as 18 degrees from inland to the coast. You know when you see people on the beach in movies and they have a sweater on? That's why. Using a couple of layers isn't a bad idea if you don't want to deal with the constant shifts in temperature on the way to the beach and back.

If you've ever wanted to live in a beautiful beach town but felt that it would be inaccessible, check out Torrance. Although rents can be a bit high, it's not impossible to find an amazing place for a reasonable price.

10 Neighborhoods in Torrance, CA

  • Delthome

    The Delthome neighborhood in L.A.'s South Bay region provides residents with easy access to ocean beaches and a number of community activities. Located 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Deltome rests in the heart of Central Torrance, where you find the Torrance Courthouse and Katy Geissert Civic Center.

  • Harbor

    The Harbor area lies southwest of Los Angeles off Interstate 110 and Highway 1. This unique harbor side community creates a laid-back vibe and provides plenty of space for outdoor recreation opportunities.

  • Northeast Torrance

    Nestled three miles from downtown Torrance, Northeast Torrance has a relaxed vibe, with much of the neighborhood occupied by those classic California ranch homes. The area has both homes and apartments for rent, and you can see most of them on a drive down 182nd Street. Three parks, including Guenser Park, lie within the borders of Northeast Torrance, so most residents have at least one within walking distance.

  • Northwest Torrance

    Extending from 190th Street north to Redondo Beach Boulevard, Northwest Torrance is a terrific neighborhood in the popular Los Angeles suburb of Torrance. El Camino College and Alondra Park are located on the north side of the neighborhood, while the impressive South Bay Galleria shopping mall is on the west side. Apartments in Torrance provide a scenic, affluent coastal community just minutes from Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach. Northwest Torrance is roughly 18 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and eight miles south of LA International Airport. Torrance consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in America and is known as a hub of arts and culture.

  • Olde Torrance Neighborhood

    Olde Torrance fosters a community spirit that reaches out to everyone who lives in the modest single-family homes and small apartment complexes that fill the neighborhood. Locals flock to the Armed Forces Day Parade and take pride in participating in neighborhood cleanup days that keep their streets in top shape.

  • Southeast Torrance

    Southeast Torrance, located about 20 miles south of Los Angeles and only five miles from Southern California's much-loved beaches, provides a terrific neighborhood with easy access to the city and the surf. Sur la Brea Park, located between West 236th Street and West 237th Street, features basketball and tennis courts, a softball diamond, horseshoe pits, and a walking trail. Just to the east of the neighborhood, locals can visit the Skating Edge ice arena, which offers public skate times, hockey leagues, and broomball.

  • Southwood Riviera

    Situated 20 miles southwest of central Los Angeles and just one mile from the sandy shores of Torrance Beach, Southwood Riviera brings you all the perks of seaside living without the outrageous housing costs of the shore-hugging neighborhoods. Residents enjoy a diverse range of shops and local restaurants along the Pacific Coast Highway, and the residential areas are a suburban paradise with rows of split-level ranch homes featuring traditional SoCal landscaping. The neighborhood's low crime rate, neighborly atmosphere, and renowned schools attract families from all over South Bay, while its ideal location near Pacific Coast beaches make Southwood Riviera apartments popular with everyone looking for a coastal California lifestyle.

  • Walteria

    Hugging the community of Rolling Hills Estates, the Walteria neighborhood of Torrance features large, comfortable homes and a few apartments for rent. Residents enjoy the mom-and-pop restaurants lining Pacific Coast Highway, and they regularly use the highway for easy access to Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach just to the west.

  • West Carson

    About one mile west of Carson and four miles east of downtown Torrance, West Carson provides residents with easy access to the beaches of the South Bay area, as well as the Los Angeles International Airport. The neighborhood has plenty of casual restaurants where locals can grab a bite to eat, particularly along Sepulveda Boulevard. For pasta or a slice of pizza, neighbors head over to La Pastta.

  • West Torrance

    Found one mile east of the Pacific Ocean, West Torrance holds true beach-city allure in the South Bay region. With Redondo Beach Pier directly west, locals live in this section of Torrance for its quick ocean access. However, don't think this is all the neighborhood has to offer.