Sunnyvale, CA

Finding Apartments for Rent in Sunnyvale, CA

Silicon Valley is all anyone is talking about these days. The area is absolutely booming. It's a hot spot for tech, gaming and geek culture in general. If you work in computer technology, software, game design, or advanced medical technology, then chances are you've been through the Silicon Valley, and if not, someone you work with has.

Finding an apartment in Sunnyvale can be tough. It's a booming city with a well-paid, young, upscale demographic at its core. One of the big issues that people discuss in regards to Silicon Valley is displacement, gentrification, with people being pushed out of lower rent areas as prices climb. In other words, you might have to keep your eyes on the real estate listings for awhile.

Top Neighborhoods in Sunnyvale, CA

Neighborhood Scout ranks City Center as one of the best areas in the city, but according to FBI crime reports, Sunnyvale is one of the ten safest cities of its size in the US, and has been consistently ranked so dating all the way back to 1966. In other words, all the neighborhoods in Sunnyvale are the best neighborhoods in Sunnyvale.

Cultural Attractions in Sunnyvale, CA

Here's a fun place to hit up when you're in Sunnyvale: Golfland USA. Previous generations of white collar professionals loved golf. The Millennials and Gen-X and Yers in the tech field love video games, maybe a round of bowling now and then, and, of course, miniature golf. Golfland USA is a great, family-friendly place to play with family, friends or co-workers.

Of course the real cultural attractions in Sunnyvale are a little off the radar, like the Toys'R'Us ghost. Yes, an urban legend has it that the town's Toys'R'Us store is haunted by a ghost, as documented on the 1978 TV show That's Incredible!, when psychic Sylvia Browne claimed to have met the ghost. Why not make a trip to the Toys'R'Us and see if you bump into him?

There's a lot more to do in Sunnyvale than we could possibly list here. There's a strong presence of youth culture in Sunnyvale, and that means comedy clubs and pool halls and movie theaters and art galleries and coffee shops and lots of cool bars and... the list goes on. If there's something you like to go out and do when you have a weekend free, you can probably do it in Sunnyvale.

Transportation Options in Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale has a bronze medal from the League of American Bicyclists as a bike friendly community. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority offers light rail and bus transportation around the town, but you really should consider investing in a bicycle. Sunnyvale is a beautiful town, and taking it in from atop two wheels is a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding than peering out a bus window.

All in all, Sunnyvale is a pretty easy place to get around, and there's not a lot of crime, so you can feel fairly safe riding a bike, a skateboard or just taking a walk around town.

Shopping in Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale has somewhere in the area of all the shopping malls in the world. In all seriousness, though, you have a lot of options for shopping. Check out the arcade in Valico Shopping Mall or the eateries in Westfield Valley Fair to spend a little cash.

Of course, Downtown is where the real action is at. There's a bookstore there that sell nothing but children's books (with some toys on the side). That should give you an idea of the variety you're going to find in Downtown Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale can be pricey, but it's also hip, fun and cool with lots of great job opportunities for smart people with tech expertise.

8 Neighborhoods in Sunnyvale, CA

  • Community Center/Sunnyvale

    Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this clean, suburban neighborhood with mild temperatures sports several parks and recreational centers. Nearby destinations like Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains allow Sunnyvale locals to enjoy summer activities, and skiing in winter. A wealthy suburb with a large concentration of apartment complexes, this neighborhood thrives on diversity. Top-notch schools and high-graduation rates contribute to a highly educated community. Proximity to elite colleges, such as Stanford University and Santa Clara University, as well as a rich cultural and commercial vibe add to the appeal of this neighborhood, located 11 miles west of San Jose.

  • Heritage District

    The Heritage District neighborhood in Sunnyvale California sits at the heart of Silicon Valley, featuring a lovely suburban atmosphere with high-quality schools, award-winning parks and more. The neighborhood comprises part of downtown Sunnyvale as well as residential and commercial zones.

  • Lawrence Station

    Lawrence Station's residents agree that the attractive neighborhood design make living here well worth the extra money. Even though the community sits in a quiet part of the city, it still offers plenty to do. Its location less than 10 miles northwest of San Jose, coupled with several public transportation options and easy access to major roadways, adds to this community's attractiveness to anyone working in the Silicon Valley region.

  • Outer Sunnyvale

    You find the neighborhood of Outer Sunnyvale located in Sunnyvale, California, in the north of Santa Clara county, bisected by Highway 101 and abutted on one side by the San Francisco Bay. One of the major cities that make up the widely famed Silicon Valley, many tech companies flock to this part of California, including Yahoo, and several aerospace and defense companies, such as the major facility for international brand Lockheed Martin. Another aspect of Sunnyvale that makes this neighborhood unique remains a single, unified department of public safety, where all personnel train, including firefighters, police and EMTs.

  • Ponderosa Park

    Ponderosa Park lies close to a golf course, park, restaurants and several shopping plazas. This upscale urban neighborhood, located 11 miles west of San Jose, has wide selection of housing options, quiet neighborhoods and low crime rates. It also attracts educated executives and urban sophisticates. With no children living below the poverty line, Ponderosa Park ranks as one of the top high-income neighborhoods in the country. Aerospace, technology and the military contribute to the economy of this area, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Ponderosa Park residents can easily access nearby attractions such as Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada mountains, the redwoods and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Stratford Gardens

    The small Stratford Gardens neighborhood of Sunnyvale, California has a nice mix of quiet streets, and commercial shopping and dining opportunities. Centrally located within the city, Stratford Gardens residents use El Camino Real, which runs along the neighborhood's northern border, to drive 10 miles to San Jose or 40 miles to downtown San Francisco.

  • Sunnyarts

    The entirely residential neighborhood of Sunnyarts in Sunnyvale, Calif., sits just south of East El Camino Real. Located 10 miles from San Jose and 40 miles from San Francisco, locals here love the access they have to big-city amenities while still having a quiet retreat to return to at the end of the day. A number of Sunnyarts residents work for the high-tech and aerospace/defense companies that call the city of Sunnyvale home.

  • Sunnyvale West

    The neighborhood of Sunnyvale West, California, remains a haven in the midst of bustling Silicon Valley. Home to businesses in a variety of industries, from IT to engineering to marine systems, the city is the 10th largest in the Bay Area, though it ranks as one of the safest cities of its size based on crime statistics.