Sunnyside Damascus – Clackamas, OR

One word best describes Sunnyside Damascus: panoramic. The neighborhood houses Mount Talbert Nature Park, which features acres of pine trees, a variety of local wildlife and 4 miles of hiking trails. Residents move to this neighborhood to take in the scenery while staying close to the popular Clackamas Town Center. Its clash of refined urban shopping with a rustic outdoor oasis make it one of the up-and-coming areas to live. Because Sunnyside Damascus is located about 12 miles from downtown Portland, you never have a tough time getting into the city center when you live here.

Schools in Sunnyside Damascus

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Nightlife in Sunnyside Damascus revolves around food. You find a diverse range of restaurants primarily located around Sunnyside Road intersecting the neighborhood. Head over to Mediterranean Grill for a twist on authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. This Sunnyside Damascus staple serves traditional dishes such as hummus, baba ghanouj and falafel. Its Mediterranean pizzas make this restaurant stand out in the genre. Grab a slice of lamb Mediterranean pizza covered in creamy garlic sauce. Finish your meal off with a fresh pistachio ice cream. If you want to dig in to something lighter, try Elka Bee's Coffee Haus on Sunnyside Road. Recline in one of the shop's bohemian chairs as you sip on one of its famous designer coffees. Like many popular coffee shops, Elka Bee's serves a mocha with intricate designs etched into the foam. Get to this shop first thing in the morning for the best pick of melted paninis and warm pastries. Chinese food tends to be a competitive market in urban areas, but Wan Lung Chinese holds the title of one of the finest restaurants in Portland. Busy customers get their food fast and receive huge portions. Order something spicy with the orange chicken, or take sweet bite with General Tso's chicken. For a combination of the two flavors, grab a to-go order of sweet and sour chicken. For live music, stop by Pendarvis Farm during one of the annual festivals. This outdoor venue features two barns equipped with speakers that can handle even the loudest bands. If you want a cocktail to go along with your live music, check out McCool's Pub & Grill. This local hangout hosts special events throughout the year and serves some of the best beer in town. For a fancy selection of beer on tap, visit Valley Growlers near the Happy Valley Town Center.

History & Culture

Sunnyside Damascus' first post office was established in 1867, and since then the area has become increasingly popular among residents. Originally, the area was home to settlers who claimed land to the south of Portland. As farms and railroads were built in Sunnyside Damascus, the area vied for incorporation as an Oregon city. In 2004, it became the first new city incorporated in Oregon in 22 years. While the neighborhood does not have museums within its borders, residents enjoy a thriving local arts scene. The Clackamas Dance and Performing Arts Center provides a space for local artists to showcase their work. Go to Pendarvis Farm to see the best new music in the neighborhood. People from all over the state come to this neighborhood for Day in Damascus, an annual festival that includes petting zoos, carnival games, fundraisers and water safety education workshops.


Residents find it easiest to drive through Sunnyside Damascus, since most homes and stores sit far apart from one another. Take the TriMet bus to get into the neighborhood from Portland. Hail a cab for a custom ride around the residential zones. Uber doesn't serve Damascus, but taxis travel to the area from Clackamas every day. When you drive, expect to find free public parking nearly everywhere you go. Interstate 205 and Expressway 213 get you to the north and south of the state, with on ramps located to the west of the neighborhood. If you don't want to drive, walk along Sunnyside Road to get to most major stores, or feel safe walking through the slow residential zones. Bikers find dozens of biking lanes designed to keep them safe in most of the high-traffic streets.


While it costs about 6 percent more to live in this neighborhood than in Portland, you can expect to pay only about $856.91 for the average rental rate on a one bedroom in Sunnyside Damascus. Entertainment remains reasonable in the neighborhood, with a beer at a local pub costing about $4 per bottle. Pay an average of 9 percent more than the national average for gas when you drive in this neighborhood. To save money, take the TriMet bus into the city center for $2.50.


Residents enjoy a close location to the popular Clackamas Town Center to the west of the Sunnyside Damascus neighborhood. High-end stores include Nordstrom, Ben Bridge Jeweler, Coach and Joe Kassab Jewelers. Most local shops sit along Sunnyside Road. Sublime Clothing sells designer items from famous names such as Free People, Steve Madden, Toms and Kensie. Shop for a dress to wear on a special occasion, or find trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe each season. Purchase a handbag as a gift for someone close to you by speaking with one of the store's knowledgeable owners. Sunnyside's Herbal Concepts takes self care to the next level with its custom-made herbal wraps. Designers stuff each wrap with lavender, spearmint, rosemary or another scent, then cover it with materials such as dark-chocolate-colored cotton fleece. Simply microwave the wrap for a few minutes, and apply it to any part of your body that aches. Chill the wrap for a cold compress. Residents easily find all of their pantry essentials at WinCo Foods, Safeway and Fred Meyer. Buy high-quality organic produce at New Seasons Market or Trader Joe's. The Damascus Fresh & Local Market provides a space for local farmers to sell their produce each year during harvest season.


Many residents move to Sunnyside Damascus for its stunning parks. The largest of these parks is Mount Talbert Nature Park, with dozens of acres of trails perfect for joggers, a picnic shelter for families and plenty of wildlife for bird watchers. Make sure you don't bring your dog or your bike to this park, since the city wants to protect the wildlife living there. Visit Pfeifer Park for a more typical park experience. Take your children to play on the playground, or have a game of basketball on one of the courts. Take your leashed pets to Village Green Park on Sieben Parkway. This section of greenery has paved trails that are the perfect place to walk your pet. Summerfield Park and Sieben Park also provide free small spaces for families to relax in the middle of residential neighborhoods. You don't find any annual events in these parks, but plenty of scheduled neighborhood activities bring the Sunnyside Damascus community together.
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