Stockton, CA

Finding an Apartment in Stockton, CA

The City of Stockton is an exciting, large, urbane metropolis situated at the northern end of that state’s Central Valley approximately fifty-miles south of the state capital in Sacramento. Equidistant from the 24/7 gambling culture of Reno, Nevada to the east, and the refinements afforded by San Francisco to the west, Stockton is the nexus of Northern California living. Housing for Stockton’s nearly 300,000 inhabitants offers an eclectic selection across the town’s expansive municipal borders. Located in the heart of the California Central Valley, seemingly hundreds of miles from any sea access, Stockton is in fact one of the great ports of California, owing to the ocean connections made by the Sacramento Delta system. A city of renters, upwards of fifty percent of the population rents, and nearly a third of the housing stock is comprised of small apartment buildings and high-rise apartment complexes, so finding an apartment in Stockton is relatively easy. What might be difficult is choosing among the many great neighborhoods that comprise Stockton for the absolute best place to rent.

Top Neighborhoods in Stockton, CA

For renters casting about for apartments, the City of Stockton features seventy-five constituent neighborhoods to select from before making a decision. From the tony Saint Andrew Drive section of town, with median housing prices near the $500,000 mark, to excellent values located in the French Camp district renters have plenty of viable options when it comes to locating housing stock. Rental stock includes small apartment buildings, high-rise apartments, along with row houses and attached buildings. Indeed, upwards of 46% of Stockton’s residences are renter occupied, so locating the perfect one, two, or three bedroom apartment is an easy prospect to find. Particularly popular with house-seekers, the Morado neighborhood is heavily populated with apartments, condominiums, and homes for rent or lease.

Shopping in Stockton, CA

When one considers the great shopping capitals of the world, the City of Stockton, California does not immediately spring to mind, but, in fact, great shopping is one of the town’s best-kept secrets. Residents have diverse retail offerings in the heart of the downtown district at the Lincoln Center. Home to more than 90 shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, Lincoln Center has been serving the Stockton, California area for more than six decades. For direct freeway access, located at the intersection of the I-5 freeway and Eight Mile Road, Park West Place features convenient shopping and great food at any of the many available eateries. At one time at the heart of the California Gold Rush, the Stockton area is also excellent for antiquing opportunities. Perusing the out-of-the way garage and yard sales will provide hours of entertainment for the antique collector in the family.

Cultural Attractions in Stockton, CA

There is plenty to do in Stockton, with a myriad of cultural and outdoor entertainment options to entertain the whole family. Indeed, there is so much to do in town that residents are left with a feeling that there is something new to do around every corner in town. The many venues available to residents for cultural pursuits means that they can spend the day exploring new art, and their evenings relaxing to performances by the Stockton Symphony Orchestra. The world class Haggin Museum features artistic collections from major American and European artists, as well as displays that focus on local history. Whether enjoying free summer concerts in the park, or tooling about the area’s many wineries, it is easy to relax for a couple of hours or even a couple of days at a time.

Transportation Options in Stockton, CA

A sophisticated public transportation system knits the community together, and provides ready access to the many Stockton residents who need to get to work, school, and play. As seen from the sections above, there is plenty of things to do in and around Stockton, and the San Joaquin Regional Transit District operates a full schedule of buses and trams to get area residents from Point A to Point B around town with relative ease. Additionally, for regional travel, the town hosts a local Amtrak station, and the I-5 freeway bifurcates town in two while providing ready access to all parts of the Golden State.

11 Neighborhoods in Stockton, CA

  • Brookside

    Water brings residents to this popular up-and-coming neighborhood. Brookside houses the most bodies of water in Stockton within its borders, with parks lining many of these natural resources.

  • Country Club/Pacific

    The Country Club/Pacific neighborhood in Stockton defines suburban paradise in many ways. With a handful of parks scattered among its residential sections, and mile upon mile of medium-sized homes sitting along its streets, this neighborhood maintains a popular reputation with residents.

  • Downtown

    Smack dab in the middle of northern California lies the city of Stockton. Located along the San Joaquin River, the seaport city provides some of the most diverse cultural attractions in the area. Head southwest and chance upon downtown Stockton, home to the city's fusion of native and current flavors. Thanks to the prominent Spanish, Mexican and Asian historical presence, downtown Stockton has developed into an abundant melting pot of effervescent culture with just the right amount of spice. Downtown affords opportunities to soak in the finest Stockton has to offer.

  • Lincoln Village

    Lincoln Village, despite its neighborhood size and neighborhood location, is not a neighborhood but rather its own census-designated place within Stockton, California. Located in the northern section of the city, Lincoln Village isn't technically a part of Stockton although it is surrounded by the city on all sides. The community has a number of commercial retailers and restaurants within that, combined with the large park and tree-lined streets, makes for a comfortable place to live. Also adding to the area's appeal is the proximity of major cities. Sacramento sits 50 miles to the north and San Francisco 80 miles to the west.

  • Lincoln Village West

    The beautiful waterfront neighborhood of Lincoln Village West rests in northwest Stockton. At six miles from downtown Stockton, 45 miles from Sacramento, and 85 miles from San Francisco, Lincoln Village West residents enjoy convenient access to big city amenities without big city hassles.

  • Outer Lakeview

    Complete with parks, schools and shopping centers, the Lakeview neighborhood in Stockton provides its residents with everything they need. Just a 12-minute drive from downtown Stockton, Lakeview’s location proves to be a prime place for families that want to settle in a relatively safe area. Newer housing and a close-knit community atmosphere help to revitalize this neighborhood in a traditionally agricultural region. Professionals, couples and families with roots and work in Stockton enjoy outer Lakeview as a centrally located neighborhood with plenty of things to do.

  • Outer Valley Oak

    The outer Valley Oak neighborhood provides endless views of the immense San Joaquin Valley. Located about 10 miles northeast of the center of Stockton, residents enjoy peace and quiet as well as gorgeous views of open farmland and oak woodland. With everything Stockton has to offer only a short drive away, residents don't have to give up city amenities.

  • Seaport

    Within Stockton, California, the southwest neighborhood of Seaport maintains a predominantly small-family community with great access to parks and restaurants. With Sacramento 50 miles to the north and San Francisco 80 miles to the west, Seaport residents also have access to big city amenities.

  • Spanos Park West

    Located a short distance northwest of the city of Stockton, the well-maintained neighborhood of Spanos Park West attracts families with its clean, safe streets and natural beauty. While they enjoy peace and quiet due to a lack of commercial amenities, residents never grow bored, with a big, local shopping mall on their doorstep and the city less than a half-hour away.

  • Valley Oak

    Valley Oak combines big-city living with rustic farmland. With acres of agricultural fields to the north and streets filled with homes to the south, this neighborhood makes the best of both worlds. Residents enjoy the scenic views of open greenery without having to travel far to get to a thriving social life.

  • Weberstown/Kentfield

    The Kentfield and Weberstown neighborhoods sit within the Lakeview district of Stockton, California in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. Interstate 5 runs parallel, providing easy north/south travel access. A meandering stretch of the San Joaquin River runs through the area, feeding the waterways of the California Delta — lifeblood of the many crops punctuating the landscape. Many of California’s major agricultural and manufactured goods are shipped out of Stockton due to its location and ideal growing conditions. This provides many local jobs as do a healthy collection of retail and service businesses. Lots of residents also make the commute to nearby cities like Modesto and even San Francisco.