Staumbaugh Heller – Redwood City, CA

Stambaugh Heller, located in Redwood City on the San Francisco Peninsula, operates simultaneously as a place of residence, a site for technology businesses and a port. Characterized by dry, hot summers and rainy winters, Redwood City vied for the title of "World's Best Climate," based on a pre-World War I survey. People flock to this area for the weather as well as its diverse but tight-knit community. Redwood City's Stambaugh Heller occupies the area between El Camino Real, Woodside Road, Veterans Boulevard and Main Street in Redwood City. Stambaugh Heller is located due south of Bayshore Freeway and just slightly east of the Redwood City Caltrain station.

Schools in Staumbaugh Heller

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Stambaugh Heller's restaurant scene is as diverse as its population. Within just this half a square mile area, you can order a wood-fired pizza, nosh on some crunchy tacos, grab a southern-style pork slider, polish off a free-range burger or dine on some sashimi. With several affordable options, Stambaugh Heller's restaurants won't break the bank either. Vesta, located on Broadway, dishes up what is to many the best pizza in the Bay Area. A customer favorite is the unique honey and sausage pizza. This thin crust consists of spicy Italian sausage with a drizzle of honey for a sweet and salty treat for your mouth. La Viga Restaurant, just a few doors down on Broadway, is highly rated by visitors. You can find traditional Latin American entrees, such as paella, tacos and ceviche, but what customers really swoon over at this joint is its desserts. For a taste of the American South, drop in to Big Tharman's BBQ on Main Street. Tucked away in the back of a liquor store, Big Tharman's is not the easiest place to find. Don't let its unassuming and difficult-to-find location prevent you from going there, though. According to nearly everyone who has eaten there, it's definitely worth scoping out. Big Tharman's ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, and their mac 'n cheese is good enough to tempt vegans. The homemade sauces deserve the main accolades, though, including spicy and mild options packed full of flavor. At night, locals frequent dance clubs, bars, night clubs and karaoke joints. Stambaugh Heller's highest-rated pub is Martins West Gastropub, located on Main Street. This local spot constantly has five beers on tap, four of which are usually microbrews. Martins West also has an authentic British-based food menu, so if you happen to drop by, order a scotch egg or haggis on a stick to go with your Guinness.

History & Culture

Centuries ago, in the 1700s, the native Ohlone people settled in the area that is now Redwood City. During the 20th century, Redwood City experienced a drastic increase in the number of technology businesses moving to the area, and with the dot-com boom, these numbers continue to increase. Redwood City has also seen a huge growth in its city government. The San Mateo County History Museum calls Redwood City home. Located in an old courthouse on the border of the Stambaugh Heller neighborhood, this history museum contains interactive exhibits, period-authentic room displays and archives dedicated to the area's cultural history. Just outside the neighborhood, in Redwood City's Courthouse Square, the annual Salsa Festival pops up every year. The event features a salsa competition with cash prizes as well as live music and dancing. Family-friendly activities are included, making the event enjoyable for all ages.


Most Stambaugh Heller residents drive. If you don't have a car, you can walk the neighborhood by foot or take a bus around the surrounding city. People commuting to other cities in the South Bay or commuting up to San Francisco for work, might consider taking Caltrain - the South Bay's go-to commuter light rail. Hailing a cab isn't incredibly easy in this area, so plan ahead. Either book a cab online or, if you're at a restaurant, have them call one ahead of time for you. Uber services Redwood City as well, and they're another cost-friendly option. Parking is readily available in Stambaugh Heller. Its residential streets offer free parking on a first-come, first-serve basis. Highway 101 is less than a mile from Stambaugh Heller's border, which makes this neighborhood easily accessible. Bikers can navigate this city with relative ease but should still be cautious, as it is not as biker-friendly as Redwood City's neighbor to the north, San Francisco. You can find a comprehensive list of San Mateo County designated bike lanes online.


The cost of living in Redwood City is lower than San Francisco. For a one bedroom in Stambaugh Heller, you can expect to pay approximately $1,900 to $2,300 per month. Bus fare on the main SamTrans line in and around the city costs $1 to $4 one way, depending on where you're going and your age. Some people argue that a beer in Stambaugh Heller costs more than in other areas, from around $7 to $10 a pint, and gas costs about 6 percent higher than the national average.


Downtown Redwood City attracts most of the city's shoppers. The shops are reasonably priced overall, but high-end stores do exist. SH Silver Estate on Woodside Road sells top-quality vintage and estate jewelry rich in character. Owner Stephen Silver works with customers to find their perfect piece and has earned positive reviews across the board for his approachable nature and incredibly friendly, hand-picked staff. Down the way a bit, Pickled Clothing keeps women up to speed on the latest fashion trends by dressing them in contemporary threads. Pickled Clothing sells items similar to those currently on the rack elsewhere but at a more-affordable price. Stambaugh Heller residents experience no shortage of grocery stores, with a Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Grocery Outlet and Nob Hill Foods servicing the area. Unfortunately, Redwood City has no weekly farmers market. The closest Sunday market is in nearby Menlo Park.


Located in the neighborhood, Jardin de Niños keeps children entertained with its selection of play structures, swings and sand. Its picnic tables make this park perfect for a Sunday family luncheon. Be aware that parking space in the immediate vicinity is somewhat limited. A better option is to park downtown and walk to this children's garden. Outside the boundary lines of Stambaugh Heller, you can find an even larger selection of free parks. Nearby Stulsaft Park and Red Morton Community Park offer ample space for those looking to get in a run or an extra-long dog walk. Stambaugh Heller's only annual event is its outdoor salsa competition, held in springtime each year.
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