Starin Central – Buffalo, NY

An upscale and pleasant neighborhood located about 6 miles from downtown Buffalo, Starin Central boasts a median household income well above the Buffalo average. It features many local amenities, a high graduation rate and low cost of living when compared to the rest of New York. The neighborhood stretches 0.78 square miles and has a diverse population of just over 7,000. Starin Central sits in a convenient location near many major roads, such as Kenmore Avenue. This location makes it a perfect place to live in Buffalo. Residents get the benefits of living in a suburb, but if they work in or routinely travel to the city center, getting there proves easy.

Schools in Starin Central

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Restaurants & Nightlife

There are plenty of great restaurants to be found in this neighborhood. Most sit along Main Street, but a few are peppered along the edges of Starin Central. A charming restaurant with a cafe feel, Amy's Place serves as the perfect place to grab a quick, casual bite of Lebanese or American food. Amy's Place prides itself on offering outstanding vegetarian and vegan options that are healthy and tasty. However, it also sells some great-tasting dishes for carnivorous residents. Stop in for breakfast, and get a chicken kabob and eggs, or come in at lunch for a burgo sandwich, which features wheatberries, lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, hot sauce and house dressing. For exceptional upscale dining, try Shango; a bistro inspired by New Orleans cuisine. With its chic decor and tranquil ambiance, it provides the perfect excuse to spoil yourself with amazing food, whether you dine with friends, that special someone or your family. Try the Creole meatloaf or the Scottish salmon. Just make sure to pair it with a glass of wine or beer. If you're dying for the taste of authentic Chinese barbeque, visit Eddie's Chophouse for a plate of rice and fresh cabbage with roasted duck. First-timers are often taken aback by the hanging meats displayed right in the restaurant, but you are sure to be won over once you devour a plate of crispy pork or a noodle bowl with steamed dumplings. For a good time in the evening, head over to Sportsmen's Tavern. Pop in with your friends, and enjoy some good food and drinks. If you're looking for entertainment, simply stick around for the show. Sportsmen's Tavern features over 40 shows and live music events a month.

History & Culture

Part of North Buffalo, Starin Central was one of the last places in Buffalo to become a suburb. Thanks to the success of the Parkside and Central Park areas, Starin Central grew to house more residents who wanted to live in the area. If you want to learn more about the history of the Starin Central area and the rest of Buffalo, head over to The Buffalo History Museum. There, you can examine exhibits that reveal the history of the area. Exhibits include the Iroquois, War of 1812, Erie Canal, Industrialization, Immigrants and many others. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery quenches your thirst for art. The amazing pieces housed in the gallery help to inspire and educate visitors of all ages, genders and races. This gallery focuses on preserving modern and contemporary art to share it with the residents.


When it comes to getting around Starin Central or to other parts of the city, the area provides many transportation options. Personal vehicles serve as one of the main ways to travel the area, but many bus stops sit within the neighborhood, making public transportation another great way to get around. Few residents travel via cab because you must call in advance to schedule a pick-up, and Uber is not an option. The neighborhood sits near several main roads, and Expressway 5 runs right through it. This makes it easy to drive to businesses in other parts of the city. If you choose to travel to businesses within the neighborhood, rest assured that most provide their own free parking. Thanks to the neighborhood’s small size and conveniently located businesses, biking and walking serve as healthy and environmentally friendly options for transportation. The neighborhood even houses a few bike lanes for safety.


Due to its great location and high median income, Starin Central comes with a slightly higher-than-average cost of living. It ranges about 13 percent higher than the Buffalo average but lower than the New York and national means. If you rent a one-bedroom apartment, expect to pay about $637 per month, and if you head down to a nearby bar, you'll pay around $3.50 for a beer. Residents who drive their own vehicles pay about 8 percent more for gas than the national average. If you prefer taking the local bus to downtown, a single-use ticket costs $2, while a day pass with unlimited use costs $5. Residents who work downtown and travel via bus save by purchasing a monthly pass for $75.


The area houses a few big-box stores and small, high-end boutiques. Most sit along Hertel Avenue. Modern Nostalgia sells clothing and accessories for women. It serves to provide stylish and unique clothing, so you look great and stand out from the crowd. For your groceries, try ALDI on Main Street. The North Buffalo Farmers Market runs from mid-June through November. It promises fresh produce and foods from local farmers. The market also sells cooked meals and crafts from local artisans.


Delaware Park, commonly referred to as Buffalo’s Central Park, serves as the area’s best park, and you pay nothing to access the great amenities. Explore the many gardens, or simply sit on the shore of Hoyt Lake. The park features several playgrounds, making it perfect for children and adults alike. Get in some exercise along the many trails, or just play with your pup as you watch the people. Points of interest include the Marcy Casino, Parkside Lodge, Hoyt Lake, Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. Amenities include a golf course, basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, baseball diamonds and picnic tables. The area holds many free annual events, such as Shakespeare in Delaware Park.
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