Southside – Greensboro, NC

Southside Greensboro strikes an intriguing balance between historic charm and modern convenience. Turn-of-the-century homes sit between similarly-styled new construction in the residential area, along with new and restored apartment buildings, while stylish lofts and multi-functional live/work structures provide accommodations near the business and arts districts. The pedestrian-friendly community provides residents with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and interaction, from local theaters and art galleries to nightclubs and neighborhood green spaces. South Elm Street separates residential Southside from its commercial side, and it serves as a hotspot for some of Greensboro's best dining and entertainment establishments, including the eclectic museum and art gallery known as Elsewhere. Residents often head to M'Coul's Public House for Sunday brunch or to watch their favorite sports games. Nearby on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, the southern-soul-food menu at Dame's Chicken and Waffles draws a big crowd, so it's not uncommon for locals to make reservations.
316 King St, Greensboro, NC 27406
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