South San Francisco, CA


Folks in South San Francisco have easy access to The City via I-280, the 101, or BART rail service. This fact, coupled with the much lower crime rate and the area’s many excellent schools, makes South San Francisco apartments an appealing option for commuters, particularly those raising families. Although primarily a residential community, South San Francisco does have a fairly active downtown scene, with much of the dining and entertainment centered around the intersection of Grande Avenue and Linden Avenue and shopping centers on the south side of town. Many parks and nature preserves are scattered around the area, including the huge Sweeney Ridge and Fairway Park just to the west of the city limits. San Francisco International Airport sits directly south of town, making it highly convenient to travel anywhere.

2 Neighborhoods in South San Francisco, CA

  • Downtown South San Francisco

    The neighborhood of Downtown South San Francisco is located near the waters of the peninsula, as the city lies north of San Bruno and the SF International Airport, south of Daly City, and west of the San Francisco Bay. Locals refer to it as South City, although it’s not contiguous with the city of San Francisco. This enclave affords bay views, dry and cool summers, and mild winters as the infamous bay area fog is mostly shielded by the hills. Here, you can find tasty food without the fuss, bars without pretention, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and pleasure, both indoors and outdoors. The neighborhood is a hidden hideout by the bay and a sister city to the "real" city, although it has it’s own culture suitable for families, professionals and the young crowd.

  • El Camino

    Quiet El Camino is located on "The Peninsula" in South San Francisco along State Route 82, which is part of El Camino Real, the historic mission trail originating south of Los Angeles. While El Camino is a typical suburban neighborhood situated between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, it does have an exotic flavor and plenty of culture.