Salinas, CA


One of the largest communities in central California’s farmlands region, Salinas is keenly in touch with its agricultural heritage. The Salinas Sports Complex hosts the California Rodeo every summer, as well as other sporting events throughout the year. Just outside of town lies the largest wine-grape producing region in the state, with more than 20 wineries nearby. Situated roughly 30 minutes from Monterey, Salinas offers residents convenient access to the attractions around that coastal town, including the renowned aquarium. Salinas apartments are also a popular choice for military personnel stationed at the Monterrey Presidio who wish to take advantage of the more affordable cost of living inland.

3 Neighborhoods in Salinas, CA

  • Downtown Salinas

    Best known as the home of Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck, historic downtown Salinas, California offers residents the chance to trod the same streets and haunt the same places once frequented by the literary behemoth. Sang's Café, one of Steinbeck's favorite places to write, can be found here. Stop by the area's National Steinbeck Center to pay homage.

  • Elkhorn/Pajaro

    Located 10 miles away from the Salinas River and eight miles away from the Pacific Ocean, the Elkhorn/Pajaro area rests right at the mouth of the Salinas Valley. Only a short car ride away to the south, you'll find the city of Salinas, and to the north, Watsonville. Known for famous author John Steinbeck, Salinas has been dubbed the “salad bowl of the world" for its status as a major U.S. agriculture hub.

  • Outer Salinas

    With a diverse population and a mix of residential and commercial areas, as well as a large golf course and municipal airport, Outer Salinas supports numerous lifestyles. Set on the east side of the small city of Salinas, with rural agricultural areas stretching east and south from the airport, the neighborhood combines urban grit with a small-town feel. As with many areas of Salinas, the agricultural business plays a major role as an employer in the area. Downtown Salinas lies around 3 miles west, just across Highway 101, while Marina and the shores of Monterey Bay lie 12 miles west, with the town of Monterey 20 miles southwest.