Rock Springs, WY

Finding Apartments for Rent in Rock Springs, WY

If you are looking for an apartment to rent in southwestern Wyoming, there are several nice cities in the area. However, Rock Springs stands out as a prime choice. Rock Springs is a nice city within the county of Sweetwater with a blend of different cultures, traditions, economic activities as well as its historic importance making it an exciting place to live in. Additionally, there are numerous low cost and well-serviced apartments in the area, which will give you value at a reasonable cost. There are many other aspects to Rock Springs ranging from cultural attractions, great weather, the exciting nightlife, as well as the pleasant shopping and dining experiences.

Cultural Attractions in Rock Springs, WY

Renting an apartment in Rock Springs will literally place you in the heart of a city with some of the top cultural attraction centers in the United States. If you love arts and ancient history, then the Western Wyoming Community College will have a lot to offer you. In this place, you will find five larger than life replicas of dinosaurs as well as other several amazing pieces of artifacts. Also in this city you will find the Adobe Town, which is basically a ruin with forests of eroded pinnacles, amazing geologic wonders as well as wild horses and eagles. This is a place where you can enjoy experiencing some awesome elements of the past. If you enjoy nature, then the Flamingo Gorge National Recreation Area will give you breathtaking sceneries.

Shopping in Rock Springs, WY

If you are like most people and love to shop, then Rock Springs will not disappoint. Rock Springs has a variety of shopping malls, such as the White Mountain Mall. The White Mountain Mall has popular clothing chains such as J.C. Penney and Herberger’s. Rock Springs also has other well-known department stores such as Sears, Macy’s, and a Wal-Mart Supercenter. If you have a pet that you enjoy shopping for, Rock Springs has pet supply shops such as Joe’s Pet Depot with a wide variety of pet items. There are other specialty shops in Rock Springs that feature jewelry, flowers, and gifts.

Dining in Rock Spring, WY

There are numerous restaurants and dining places in the city of Rock Springs. The restaurants are not only classy but they also offer top class service. Many traditional American-style restaurants such as Coyote Steakhouse and Saloon boast a wide menu and drink selection. In addition, there is a wide variety of ethnic-themed restaurants such as Italian, Latin, and Asian selections. Outside of the traditional restaurant setting, Rock Springs has a selection of bakeries, ice cream parlors, tapas bars, bistros, coffee houses, cafes, and sushi bars. 

Nightlife in Rock Springs, WY

Whether you enjoy shooting pool or listening to live music, you will not have to travel far, as Rock Springs has several pool halls and lounges. If you enjoy dancing with your friends, there are several dance clubs that showcase different styles of dance music. The Star Stadium 10 movie theatre will satisfy any desire to view a late-night movie.

Weather Conditions in Rock Springs, WY

Just like many other cities within the United States, Rock Springs experiences seasonal weather conditions. The coldest month is normally December, as it ranges between 13 and 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Rock Springs does get its fair share of snowfall, averaging about 49.2 inches per year, which is a bit higher than the United States average of 25 inches. The Spring months generally produce temperatures ranging from 23 degrees Fahrenheit in early March to 64 degrees Fahrenheit in May. Summers are not near as intense as other cities when it comes to heat and humidity. The month of July is usually the warmest month with temperatures peaking at around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The autumn months produce similar temperatures as the spring months with temperatures ranging from about 21 degrees Fahrenheit in November to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in September. The month of May usually produces the most amount of rainfall, averaging roughly 1.21 inches.