Rochester, MN

Finding Apartments for Rent in Rochester, MN

With over 110,000 residents, Rochester is Minnesota's third largest city. As such, it is a major hub of metropolitan activity. Lots of commerce and education goes on here, and the city attracts new residents all the time because of it. That is why you will never have a problem finding an apartment in Rochester. It doesn't matter what type you're looking for or what your budget is. The apartment for you is in this city, whether you're coming here to work, to go to school, or for some other reason. Every type of apartment at every price range exists here, so you will find the ideal apartment for you with ease.

Top Neighborhoods in Rochester, MN

  • Cobbs Hill--This neighborhood is near a lot of really nice shopping. Much of it is within walking or bike riding distance, so you can get yourself some exercise when going there and coming back. The neighborhood itself is known for being very nice. The houses are pretty and well-kept. The streets are clean and pedestrian-friendly. The landscaping is well done to make the whole neighborhood look as inviting as it is. Plus, the houses here are very close to good schools and the biggest companies in Rochester, and the neighborhood is quite safe, as far as most neighborhoods in Minnesota go.
  • East Rochester--Most of the city's cultural attractions are in this area. It is a wonderful place to live if you are a patron or fan of the arts or are a part of the arts community. Being an artistic community, it is eclectic in design and layout, but artistic people will appreciate this. It is also very family-friendly, with plenty of kids running around in a community of watchful parents and neighbors. The area is very safe, as well. It is a wonderful place to express yourself, while getting to know your neighbors, too.
  • Beechwood--Beechwood is a typical residential area with many single family homes in a middle income price range. The houses are nice looking, and laid out in a block by block style. While there are no identifiable boundaries to the neighborhood, it is usually pretty obvious when you've left it. There is a nice sense of community here, and lots of neighborhood friendships are made. The area is also close to some well-rated schools, and is within easy commuting distance of most of the city's big employers. The people who live in Beechwood are generally quite contented with it.

Cultural Attractions in Rochester, MN

There are several buildings in town that are on the National Register of Historic Places. These are always interesting to see, even though most of them are no longer being used for their original purposes.

Every Thursday during the warm months, the city hosts "Thursdays on First." This popular local event is where area restaurants and artists gather along First Avenue downtown in booths they've set up. Bands play live music while patrons enjoy the food and art for sale (as well as the nice weather).

As far as cultural opportunities go, there is the Rochester Art Center, where big shows come to play, usually touring ones. There is also the Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale. This is the oldest cultural attraction in town, and was founded in 1919. The orchestra originally played in the Chateau Theater (now gone), adding background music to silent movies. The orchestra is still playing and entertaining residents and visitors in Rochester today, without the silent movie accompaniment.

Transportation Options in Rochester, MN

Rochester is connected to five highways, three of which connect within town, and two of which connect on the outskirts. This makes it easy to navigate in and out of town in cars from almost any point within the city limits. There are also covered pedestrian skyways and pedestrian subways connecting the buildings of downtown, which makes it easy to get around on foot during the snowy winter. There is a public bus system operated by Rochester Public Transit (which is, in turn, owned by First Transit). The Rochester International Airport offers commercial flights and is the second busiest in Minnesota.

Weather in Rochester, MN

Rochester is known for really warm summers and extremely cold winters. It is a town of two extremes when it comes to the weather. While there are four distinct, discernible seasons in Rochester, the summer and winter really stand out in their extremes of temperature and weather. It is not uncommon for a large amount of snow to pile up during the winter months. Blizzards are not uncommon, either. Spring and fall provide transitions between winter and summer, and the weather in these seasons is generally mildly warm to crisply cool. As far as the weather goes, spring and fall are the two most pleasant seasons to be outside and enjoy outdoor activities in Rochester.

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