Richmond, CA


Richmond is a fairly large East Bay community on the north side of Berkeley, about thirty minutes from San Francisco. Compared to other Bay Area cities, rent tends to be relatively affordable, making it an appealing location for commuters. Wildcat Canyon Regional Park and several large coastal parks give outdoorsy resident numerous options for enjoying the mild climate and natural beauty of the area without going far from home. Easy access to the water also makes boating and fishing popular activities for residents. The Richmond Auditorium is a popular venue for concerts, and the Point Richmond area is a popular walking district full of unique shops and restaurants. Of course, residents also enjoy having the freedom to easily reach The City, wine country, and northern California’s other resources and attractions quickly and easily.

6 Neighborhoods in Richmond, CA

  • Belding Woods

    Belding Woods is a low-key suburban community right in the heart of Richmond. The neighborhood is almost entirely residential, with small corner grocery stores and locally-owned restaurants along 23rd Street and scattered among the blocks of houses. The cost of living is relatively low for the location, and rent tends to be quite affordable as well.

  • Coronado

    The Coronado neighborhood of Richmond, California has a small-town, old school vibe in the Bay Area. A historic naval town perched just north of Berkeley, Richmond has escaped much of the pronounced price hikes of other Bay Area cities like Oakland. Coronado hosts a great deal of cultural diversity. Restaurants, parks and more lie at arm's length for residents here, and access to Oakland, Berkeley and other Bay Area cities is a snap. Coronado can be found just south of downtown Richmond, less than a mile north of Marina Bay and the Rosie the Riveter/World War IIHome Front historical park. Residents have easy access to the waterfront and the panoramic views provided by the Richmond Bay Trail.

  • Iron Triangle

    The Iron Triangle neighborhood sits in the heart of Central Richmond, California. With the area being largely residential, most rentals reside in the upper part of the triangle and an easy three-mile commute north to Point Richmond, a major shipping and industrial area. To the south, Berkeley and Oakland lie roughly 10 miles away via Interstate 580.

  • North & East

    With reasonable rents and a great deal of community spirit, the North and East neighborhood of Richmond proves itself ideal for residents who want to be active in community groups and who thrive on a little bit of urban grit. Community involvement runs strong here in this neighborhood that sits only 10 to 15 minutes away from the quirky scene in Berkeley.

  • Point Richmond

    Right on the San Francisco Bay, nestled near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and I-580, is the charming Point Richmond. Home to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline and Keller Beach, Point Richmond residents enjoy a range of outdoor and water-based recreation with stunning views of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Richmond Annex

    Rent an apartment in the Richmond Annex and enjoy easy access to I-80, which takes you into San Francisco. Central Avenue leads to Point Isabel, a small peninsula in San Francisco Bay.