Portsmouth, NH

Finding Apartments for Rent in Portsmouth, NH

As a well known harbor on eastern New Hampshire, Portsmouth has a long history of being connected with the Atlantic for fishing, shipping, transportation and import/export in early days. Today, the town represents under 22,000 residents, a huge growth from its earlier days in 1630 when the first settlement took advantage of the natural water streams and harbor to situate as a trading post with resources further inland and up river.

Apartment hunting in Portsmouth may be a bit challenging for newcomers. There are apartment complexes as well as a number of single or smaller private units that become available from time to time. There are, of course, a number of apartment complexes further out in nearby towns, but their rent and price range tends to be more expensive than Portsmouth on average.

Shopping in Portsmouth, NH

Shopping-wise, the area is a region that doesn't like big box stores. They favor mom & pop establishments and efforts to support the local small business instead. As a result, one is not going to find a big shopping mall and glut of big box stores in Portsmouth. Here you will find probably more restaurants per square block than in most other cities on the eastern seaboard.

Cultural Attractions in Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth is a town of living history. Many of the buildings and offices in the downtown and port area are restorations or original structures with the colonial architecture intact. The town has easy access in and out of the area. And it provides very quick connections to the ocean, to Boston to the south, and to the mountains and rural New Hampshire to the west.

Weather in Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth is not the warmest place on earth. Just because it's next to the ocean doesn't help either. The town gets its share of cold, easily dropping below the freezing point with winter and winds blowing off the Atlantic. Other times of the year are often overcast and the summers don't warm up that much. The entire climate package might be a bit too much for those who need a definite dosage of warm sun.

Portsmouth offers residents and new arrivals a unique coastal aspect of New Hampshire which has quick access to the interior and New Hampshire mountains. For those who love snow and ocean climates, this is the town for them. Portsmouth offers a clammy seaside location with a bona fide cornucopia of local crafts and food, as well as great location with good educational resources and little or no crime problems to speak of. 

1 Neighborhoods in Portsmouth, NH

  • New Hampshire Beaches

    Located 30 minutes outside of Boston, the New Hampshire beaches provide a beautiful destination that locals and visitors alike enjoy. The beaches fill with swimmers and sunbathers during the summer, and locals enjoy the neighborhood's serenity in the winter months. The area is well-known for the stunning scenery of nearby state parks, and outdoor aficionados appreciate the many activities the parks provide. The shops and restaurants that line the boardwalk of Hampton Beach stimulate the local economy and add to the festive atmosphere of this community.