Pompano Beach, FL

Finding Apartments for Rent in Pompano Beach, FL

Residents of Pompano Beach, Florida know what it means to live a laid back and relaxed lifestyle. There are so many opportunities to go boating, fishing, scuba diving and other outdoor activities. This area is home to more than 50 parks where you can have a picnic and enjoy a quiet afternoon outdoors.

Top Neighborhoods in Pompano Beach, FL

There are many decent neighborhoods in Pompano Beach, all of which offer unique features for residents. Some of the top neighborhoods in Pompano Beach include:

High Ridge Estates

Most of the homes and apartments in High Ridge Estates are smaller to medium--sized, making it possible for a lower rent than other communities in the area. The average resident in his neighborhood is just over 40 years of age, with many of the residents having younger kids. This is definitely one of the most family-friendly communities in Pompano Beach.

Cypress Harbor

A little bit more pricier than High Ridge Estates, this area offers homes and apartments that are a bit larger than other communities in the area. There are many families living in Cypress Harbor, but a majority of the residents are retirees. This is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city and has an extremely low crime rate when compared to other communities in the area.

Terra Mar

Those wanting a quiet area to retie, Terra Mar may be the neighborhood you have been looking for. Most of the homes are medium in size and have a variety of attractions nearby. This is not a very family-friendly community, as most residents are retired and over the age of 60.

Cultural Attractions in Pompano Beach, FL

The Pompano Beach area is home to many attractions and also hosts several events throughout the year including the Holiday Boat Parade in December, the Seafood Festival in April and a fishing rodeo in May. Being that Pompano Beach is conveniently located to larger cities, there are many attractions and things to do all within a short drive to Fort Lauderdale and Coconut Creek.

Some of the fun and exciting things to do in and around Pompano Beach include:

  • Sample-McDougald House: Discover what life was like in the South Florida area back in the pioneer days.
  • Butterfly World: You will be treated to up close looks at the world of butterflies, hummingbirds and exotic plans at one of the largest butterfly parks in the world.
  • Jungle Queen Riverboat: Have a blast touring the waterways surrounding Ft. Lauderdale, where you will see some of Florida’s most historical sites, as well as an up close look at some of the area’s native wildlife.
  • Museum of Art: Located in the heart of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, the Museum of Art offers more than 6,000 contemporary art projects. Art classes and tours are available.
  • Museum of Discovery & Science: Definitely a family-friendly attraction that is home more than 200 interactive exhibits, including a Discovery Center just for kids.

Weather in Pompano Beach, FL

On average the weather in Pompano Beach is moderate, offering warmer weather with soft ocean breezes throughout most of the year. The hottest month of the year is typically July, with temperatures ranging in the mid to upper 90’s. As with most of the state of Florida, February is one of the coolest months, dropping temperatures as low as the upper 20’s and lower 30’s.

Afternoon rain showers can be expected daily during the spring and summer, with a majority of the rainfall occurring in June. Hurricane season can bring strong storms with high winds through the area between the months of May and November.

Sports in Pompano Beach, FL

The City of Pompano Beach has put together a full line up of sports and activities for residents of all ages. Adults sports programs include softball, volleyball and flag football. Youth sports programs include soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. Many of the local parks also offer basketball and tennis courts, football and baseball fields and running tracks for those looking to stay active.

No matter if you are retired, just starting a new family or somewhere in between, you will be happy to discover the many features, amenities and activities available for all residents in the Pompano Beach area.

2 Neighborhoods in Pompano Beach, FL

  • Outer Pompano Beach/Deerfield Beach

    The city of Deerfield Beach nestles in Broward County, South Florida encompassing roughly 15 miles of land and 1 mile of water. Many dwell in the area for its incredible weather with temperatures in the 80s during the summer months and only dropping to the 60s during the winter months. The sunny weather allows locals to spend a great deal of time at the beach. Residents also enjoy the convenient local amenities and low cost of living in the vicinity. The educational system boasts high graduation rates, which attracts families desiring a strong education for their children. Deerfield Beach lies 18 miles north of Fort Lauderdale and 43 miles north of Miami.

  • Palm Aire

    Palm Aire shares incorporation with the cities of Pompano Beach, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Covering 0.2-square-miles of the Southeast Pompano Beach area, Palm Aire is located 9 miles North-West of downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL. With four golf courses, a horse track and a casino, this area's local attractions provide a broad variety of entertainment options.