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The small, low-key neighborhood of Pittsburgh is one of Atlanta's best-kept secrets. This charming neighborhood, located just southwest of downtown, provides easy access to Atlanta's businesses and attractions. With easy access to highways, including the Metropolitan Parkway SW on the west side and I-85 on the east, getting around the Atlanta metro area is fast and easy. University Avenue is the neighborhood's main road. The popular Atlanta Beltline, on the east side of the neighborhood, provides a park space for walking and jogging.

Schools in Pittsburgh

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Restaurants & Nightlife

An abundance of low-cost comfort-food restaurants have established themselves in Pittsburgh. University Avenue proves to be the central restaurant area, with a few establishments dotted along the street. Barbecue restaurants dominate this neighborhood, though you can still find quite a variety of food. Visit the Bullpen Rib House for slow-smoked BBQ meats, ice-cold brews, and what it likes to call "good old-fashioned hooch." You can order the restaurant's fantastic lunch specials up until 2:30 p.m. every day, including the favorites that will keep you coming back for more. Try the BBQ pulled pork or smoked beef brisket; they all come with fries and a drink. Jamrock Jerk Center on University Avenue caters to meat lovers. Reggae music welcomes diners and creates a relaxing atmosphere, and a quick glance at the menu displays the Caribbean food dream team: jerk chicken, curried goat, and oxtails. Try the jerk chicken with either a hot or mild sauce; either is sure to satisfy, and the price of the food here simply can't be beat. Though nightlife exists mainly outside of the neighborhood, a few establishments operate in the central area. One such bar is T.J.'s Lounge, offering drinks as well as hot meals. It also supplies catering and party hosting. When you are in the mood for something fast-paced, stop in the Rain Night Club and Lounge for a high-energy atmosphere along with dancing entertainment and drink specials.

History & Culture

Home construction began in Pittsburgh in the early 1880s. Due to the neighborhood's industrialized nature at the time, it reminded early residents of the Pennsylvania hub of Pittsburgh, so the community was named in the larger city's honor. Soon, businesses popped up along the main streets, and schools were established. While not as well-known as some of Atlanta's other neighborhoods, Pittsburgh offers both charm and location, which continues to draw in new residents.


One of the best features of Pittsburgh is its close proximity to downtown Atlanta and other attractions. Downtown Atlanta connects to Pittsburgh via major highways and claims to even be within walking distance. Attractions such as parks and Zoo Atlanta are within walking distance of Pittsburgh. The Beltline, located on the outskirts of the neighborhood, brings bicycle trails and pedestrian walkways to the neighborhood as well as a nature feel. This feature started out as a railway corridor but continues to develop into a unique and easy option for getting around town sans vehicle. Hailing a cab proves to be simple, especially thanks to modern technology. Uber hails as a definite option for transportation in this neighborhood. The main bus organization in this area was established as MARTA, or the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. This is the easiest way to use public transportation as multiple types of passes are purchasable online or at the stations.


The cost of living in Pittsburgh typically runs lower than other areas of Atlanta because of the area still being in development. It remains one of the few neighborhoods with such close proximity to downtown where housing is still affordable. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood has an average cost of $560 a month. Public transportation is very affordable. Tickets to anywhere in Atlanta or within the neighborhood are easily afforded at $5 for a round trip ticket, or $9 for an all-day pass. Student fares and discounts for the elderly are also available. Purchasing a pint of domestic beer in this neighborhood costs about $3. Gas prices run about 10 percent lower than the national average.


Although the neighborhood houses some retailers within its borders, many residents travel a few minutes outside of Pittsburg to shop. One shop not to be missed is the Indie Craft Experience located on the northern side of the neighborhood. This place sells handcrafted goods and supports local businesses and individuals. The store hosts annual events that grow bigger every year, attracting more vendors. Pick up gifts for yourself of loved ones at this spot, and experience the tastes of Atlanta in the pop-up shop. If you're into sneakers, skate shoes and boots, check out Journeys at the West End Mall. The store features a wide array of brands, including Hello Kitty, Uggs, Tom's, and Converse, for the entire family. Stocking up on groceries in this neighborhood is convenient. The Great Savings Supermarket is centrally located, providing residents with groceries at a reduced cost.


Though the neighborhood has just a few parks, it allows easy access to major parks such as Zoo Atlanta and Adair Park. Pittman Park, the largest recreational park in the neighborhood, is a free park located right off the Beltline. The park supplies residents with basketball and tennis courts, a recreational center, playground, and pool. Residents are encouraged to bring their children and dogs to this park and enjoy nature.
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