Pasadena, TX

Finding Apartments for Rent in Pasadena, TX

Pasadena, Texas is the strawberry capital of the region. Her lush vegetation and soil made a grand place for agricultural businesses to develop especially after the railroad went through. Situated between Baytown and Houston this bedroom community offers a small town atmosphere with urban amenities.

Top Neighborhoods in Pasadena, TX

Ethnically diverse Pasadena has a rich mix of incomes and demographics with the majority of Hispanic ancestry. Bay Area Blvd residents are classified as urban and sophisticated. Definitely upper middle class the area has many apartment complexes including high rise with nearby parks, trails and the University of Houston in neighboring Clear Lake. Fairmont Parkway has many established areas with a mix of family medium sized homes and apartments. Along Spencer Highway particularly near Watters Road small studio apartments are for rent. Areas tend not to be zoned so apartment complexes are scattered in this city so if one finds a neighborhood one likes search it. Most likely a set of apartments exist in a niche. The advantage of that comes as one gets a residential atmosphere and amenities without a house payment.

Cultural Attractions of Pasadena, TX

Often named the birthplace of Texas since Santa Anna surrendered at Vince’s Bayou, Pasadena offers a host of cultural attractions. Pasadena Heritage Park displays local artifacts. Pomeroy House and Strawberry House gives a visual picture of Pasadena Texas early history. Both homes are small but ornately decorated on the inside. Every May a Strawberry Festival sweeps through to honor the city’s first big business picking strawberries in the field. The train with 28 cards would come and pick the cargo up daily. The town has a Pasadena Philharmonic Society. Known as a community orchestra the society promotes cooperative escapades between amateurs and high caliber musicians alike. Area youth in high school and college are invited to further their craft.

The area has two theater groups. Pasadena Little Theater has a long history of offering entertainment. With many plays and a well established reputation. Stage Door has recently opened and has added to the venue in the area.

Shopping in Pasadena, TX

In the heart of Pasadena Texas lies Pasadena Town Square. Made to create a family affair the plaza has many specialty shops. Familiar brand names such as Macy’s, Palais Royal (a regional favorite) and Sears act as anchor stores. Boutiques such as Journeys that specialize in shoes, Gordon’s that specializes in jewelry, and a T-Mobile store. A Walmart Supercenter, Target, and Marshalls at other locations offers necessary essentials in convenient locations. Edible Arrangements, Guitar Center, and Congo Nursery make for engaging specialty shops serving niche markets.

Dining in Pasadena, TX

Pasadena offers the brand restaurants and many small operations done by people who have a passion for food. Andy’s Hawg Wild Barbeque locates in a residential area. Reasonable pricing, friendly people and lots of food wrapped up in a to-go box with utensils. Momma Mia’s Italian Grill gives a casual atmosphere. Most locals rave about the pizza here. Kelley’s Country Cookin gives large portion size. Eggs Benedict comes as a specialty and many customers appreciate the extra care taken with it. Football size potatoes are common and chicken fried steak Texas Style.

Sports in Pasadena, TX

Pasadena city services offer basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, volleyball, track and field. Several swimming pools exist as well to serve resident needs. Adaptive recreation has been available for some time with Texas International Shootout, and Pasabilities Program. Pasadena wishes all it residents to participate not just a few and built a multipurpose recreation center specifically adapted for youth and adults with disabilities. Wheelchair sports, Special Olympics, and support groups are common in the community. GameDay Indoor Sports & Fitness hosts tournaments, camps, leagues, and shows in its 46, 000 square foot venue.

Transportation Options in Pasadena, TX

Several avenues of transportation exist. Pasadena Taxi Company serves the local area with reasonable rates. For special occasions use 7 Star Transportation. Their limo chauffeur gives top notch service with a greeting, and help with all your baggage. Houston’s Metro bus service does have stops in strategic places in Pasadena and are fitted for accessibility for disabilities.

Pasadena has many hidden gems among it houses and by ways. Ask the residents and they will direct you to the best places to live, eat, play and ride.

2 Neighborhoods in Pasadena, TX

  • Downtown Pasadena

    Nicknamed the "Strawberry Capital," Pasadena was founded in 1893 by John Burnett. He named the city after Pasadena, California, which was known for its lush and beautiful vegetation, which was how Burnett felt about this Texas oasis. The northern border of Pasadena City is the Houston Ship Canal, also known as the Buffalo Bayou and San Jacinta River, and to the Southeast, the city meets the Galveston Bay.

  • Southeast Houston

    Southeast Houston was once known as the "Coney Island of the South," and the area still whispers of a time gone-by. Only 20-25 miles southeast of downtown Houston, this charming small town, steeped in rich history and updated with all the desired modern amenities, is the perfect place to live. Known for its restored beaches, quaint shopping areas and convenient distance from the Houston Cruise Port makes it ideal for tourists as well.