Palms – Los Angeles, CA

A small community in the Westside region of Los Angeles, Palms sits just a skip away from the glistening pristine beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, offering a diverse spread of both commercial and residential zones. The neighborhood houses a densely populated and diversified community, with nearly half of the population holding a four-year degree in higher education. Palms lies just 11 miles west of the center of Los Angeles.

Schools in Palms

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Restaurants & Nightlife

A highly diversified spread of internationally themed eateries, specialty bistros and cafes characterize the dining experience in Palms. Most businesses are located along Overland Avenue and Motor Avenue. Yamakase, located on National Boulevard, specializes in traditional sushi omakase and unique Japanese fusion cuisines. Each and every course of the 22-course meal is carefully crafted by executive chef Yama San, using a signature blend of ingredients and spices. Customers come to expect only the highest quality from this exclusive invitation-only restaurant. Request an invite on Yamakase's website, and when you visit, look forward to the uni with tofu and truffle salt for a combination of flavors guaranteed to send your taste buds soaring. Residents of Palms enjoy a full selection of nightly entertainment including a healthy spread of pubs, bars, lounges, music venues and nightclubs. For a phenomenal happy hour menu in a laid-back atmosphere, locals make their way to Bigfoot West on Venice Boulevard. Enjoy an expansive selection of whiskey and bourbons, while local DJs provide musical entertainment for you and your friends at this trendy neighborhood spot. Carbon Nightclub provides an ideal retreat for visitors to come and enjoy warming company in a lively and upbeat atmosphere, where the latest music pulses through the facility as guests enjoy cold drinks and dance the night away.

History & Culture

The present day neighborhood of Palms, California originated as designated grazing land for cattle and sheep within the Rancho La Ballona during the early 1800s. Later in the century, the construction of stores and schools fueled the development of the community. In 1882, Palms was born under the supervision of local investors who purchased plots of lands and had palm trees imported and planted in the land. In May of 1915, Palms was officially annexed into Los Angeles. The Museum of Jurassic Technology serves as one of Palm's biggest museum attractions. The facility houses a spread of bizarre and surreal exhibits, specifically designed to inspire the curiosity of its patrons. Visit the museum for a unique escape from the mundane routine of everyday life.


Automobiles and public transit make up the most common means of transportation in Palms. The Los Angeles Metro buses serves as the primary option for public transportation, offering several bus routes throughout the city. Numerous taxi services are available on an on-call basis throughout Los Angeles, as are Uber services. Street parking, while available and free on residential streets, tends to be crowded, and major thoroughfares typically offer metered parking. The San Diego and Santa Monica freeways extend along the boundaries of Palms, with direct highway access easily available to take residents to Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the South Bay. Residents enjoy a heavily walkable neighborhood, while the city streets offer a safe alternative form of transportation for cyclists with its healthy spread of biking lanes for those willing to dare Los Angeles traffic.


The cost of living in Palms runs 13 percent higher than that of Los Angeles overall. Residents can travel to the city center for as little as $1.75 via Metro. One-bedroom residences in the area rent out at an average cost of $1733, while gas prices stand at around 14 percent higher than the national average. If you find yourself at a local pub or bar, you can grab a pint for around $8.


Independently owned specialty shops make up the small number of shopping opportunities in Palms. Govinda's International Imports offers an expansive selection of traditional Indian clothing for men and women. Here, customers find items ranging from simple shirts and pants to extravagant kurtas and saris. The store also has small collections of books, jewelry and other accessories. Stop by the cafe just below the store to take a break from shopping and enjoy traditional Indian food. Game Play functions as a heaven on earth for video game enthusiasts. With a full and diverse selection of merchandise dating all the way back to the origins of gaming, the store maintains a reputation in the community as the go-to shop for gaming needs. Customers especially appreciate that the staff works conscientiously to ensure each shopping experience exceeds client expectations. Palms Super Market serves as the local grocery store in this neighborhood and has an in-store restaurant and ample supply of fresh fruits, meats, grains and other goods, but you can also grocery shop at the nearby Trader Joe's or Vons. The Motor Avenue Farmers Market on National Boulevard sells local fruits and vegetables and hosts outdoor yoga and live musical entertainment.


Palms houses a small collection of parks that provide free outdoor fun for patrons of all ages. Woodbine Park on South Vinton Avenue functions as the ideal neighborhood pocket park. The location houses numerous amenities including a basketball court, playground, picnic tables and a well-kept field and garden, not to mention the walking paths that are great for a brief stroll with a furry companion.
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