Outer Carmichael/Citrus Heights – Citrus Heights, CA

Both the outer Carmichael and Citrus Heights neighborhoods lie about 30 minutes or less outside the Sacramento city center, providing quick access southwest to downtown, and families can live quietly in both places. Without the hubbub of the city, Carmichael and Citrus Heights residents can relax in parks or by the American River in the summer. Complete with affluent neighborhoods and a few lots with plenty of land, these Sacramento County locals desire to live the good life with affordable homes and recreational options. Close to downtown action and Folsom Lake, Citrus Heights and Carmichael prove to be the perfect places for many California families.

Schools in Outer Carmichael/Citrus Heights

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Many different types of restaurants lie throughout Carmichael and Citrus Heights, ranging from Chinese fare to burger joints. Those looking for a good night out have a choice between a few types of dive bars in both neighborhoods. However, Carmichael and Citrus Heights leave the large-scale music and dancing to downtown Sacramento and its immediate surrounding areas. That said, locals still enjoy nights out in the two suburbs to eat tasty food and try some beer. Local joint Flip.n.Shake may look like a typical burger place, but many Carmichael residents flock to the restaurant for its high-quality and affordable meals. Try a basic burger, or have the Frisco Burger, complete with a sourdough bread bun. Residents praise the garlic fries for the zesty flavor, and everyone loves the milkshakes. While here, try a banana, peanut butter and chocolate shake handmade by the staff. Residents find themselves spoiled by access to genuine Vietnamese cuisine at locations throughout the county. Pho Viet proves not to be an exception in Citrus Heights. Serving huge portions, Pho Viet provides its customers with many options, including stir fried duck, vegetarian chow meain and BBQ pork fried rice. Don't forget to try the fried cream cheese wontons, a must-have at any Vietnamese restaurant. Fans of Greek and Mediterranean like Extreme Hummus in Citrus Heights for the world-class gyro and shawarma. Try perfectly seasoned beef and lamb in the gyro and kabobs, and order a side of Greek fries with feta cheese. Most importantly, go to Extreme Hummus to try the hummus. Pick the flavor that most appeals to you, and remember the hummus packs a punch. For a night out for drinks, head to Cedar Room in Carmichael, which styles itself as "the most interesting bar in the world." Whether true or not, many locals find themselves enjoying the cool drinks and the clientele of the place. For music, go to the concert series at the Sunrise Mall. Travel to downtown Sacramento for a variety of dance clubs and lounges, or dance at Rocky's 7440 Club, another mainstay highlighting the active and exciting nightlife of the area.

History & Culture

Initially a part of a John Sutter land grant, Citrus Heights started off as a territory within the Sacramento Central Township. Early settlers farmed in Citrus Heights and in Carmichael as well. In later years, the area grew more populous once the Central Pacific Railroad laid track and came into town. Carmichael and Citrus Heights, especially the outer regions, still provide quiet and open land for Sacramento County locals. Nearby museums include the Aerospace Museum of California, which houses many planes and tells the history of aerospace. For a more historical take on the Sacramento area, travel to downtown and visit places like the California State Railroad Museum. For arts and entertainment, check out the Chautauqua Playhouse for performances or observe the natural beauty of the Jensen Botanical Gardens. While few annual events are held directly in the neighborhood, Citrus Heights and Carmichael hold various charity events and festivals year-round.


In Citrus Heights and Carmichael, residents drive to get to where they need to go. Owning a car in the two suburbs proves to be the best and most efficient mode of transportation, especially in the more open Citrus Heights. In the outer parts of the neighborhoods, residents need cars to get to the center of the towns for shopping, eating and more. In those places, drivers find public parking to be pretty easy and inexpensive or free, depending on the location. Drivers in Citrus Heights and Carmichael take I-80 or 50 to go east or west. From there, they can switch to another highway to go north or south. Alternatively, residents can take the Sacramento Regional Transit District buses through Carmichael to Citrus Heights, but only a few bus lines go that way. Uber and Lyft provide ride-sharing services throughout the neighborhoods. Call in advance for taxi pickup, as few roam through the area. Though Citrus Heights and Carmichael locals find walking to be a valuable exercise, walking to do errands or to get to public places or shows takes a long time. Most people drive to those places. Bicycling continues to become more popular in the Sacramento area, so bicyclists increasingly find that towns in the region improve bicycling for everyone. Bikers can find many trails as well as dedicated paths and lanes in Carmichael and Citrus Heights for their use.


Living in Citrus Heights and Carmichael costs slightly more on a cost-of-living basis than the national average as well as that of Sacramento's downtown area. The average one-bedroom apartment in the neighborhoods rents for $779 a month. Generally, residents spend 4 percent more on a tank of gas than the national average. Using the Sacramento Regional Transit District system, most residents in Carmichael and Citrus Heights spend $2.50 on a one-way ticket. Travelers younger than 19 and older than 61 pay the discounted rate of $1.25 in order to ride the bus. Going out for a beer in Carmichael and Citrus Heights can be affordable — the average price for a glass of beer costs about $4.


The locals of Carmichael and Citrus Heights have a few mall options to consider. One, Sunrise Mall, houses a large range of retailers, from Sears to Bath & Body Works and massage places. The other mall, Arden Fair Mall in Arden-Arcade, offers many of the same retail choices. However, Arden Fair houses higher-end stores such as Nordstrom and more restaurants. People who prefer to shop at smaller stores like the boutiques scattered around the Carmichael and Citrus Heights fringes. For example, Moth Hole, a women’s consignment boutique, specializes in high-end clothes. Women can also find jewelry and other accessories in Moth Hole. Gamers like Fair Games in Carmichael for its video game selection. Gamers can find games dating back to the PlayStation 1 and Super Nintendo consoles. Walmart and Safeway serve Carmichael and Citrus Heights with big-budget food shopping. Smaller grocers, like Pacific Coast Food, also make their home in the suburbs. Buy farmer’s bread and jellied rose petals from this Russian store. Additionally, Sprouts Farmers Market has a location in Citrus Heights, where organic fans can buy produce year-round. It’s not the only farmers market in town, either — the Sunrise Mall Farmers Market operates every weekend. Locals love the fresh honey.


Many parks, nestled about the American River on the outskirts of Carmichael, draw in Sacramento County residents every year. Ancil Hoffman Park, in particular, attracts children of all ages who love to be out in nature. Walk along the nature trails to spot deer or look at more than 100 species of birds. Take a dog along, but remember to pay $5 for the vehicle entry fee. If you want to go rafting, the park requires $3 for a launch of a small watercraft. Other parks along the American River, like River Bend Park and the Lower and Upper Sunrise Recreational Areas, give locals even more chances to enjoy the river during the spring and summer. Bring cash along to go rafting in this location, as well. Although those specific parks don’t put on special events, other parks throughout Carmichael host festivals, such as the Wayne Reimers Jazz Festival. Residents and travelers alike come into town for other happenings, such as food-truck gatherings.
Hidden Oaks
5979 DeVecchi Ave, Citrus Heights, CA 95621
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Huntington Square
7311 Huntington Square Ln, Citrus Heights, CA 95621
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Vista Torre
5955-5959 Van Alstine Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608
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Fountain Grove Apartments
5101 Andrea Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95842
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Montage Apartments
12801 Fair Oaks Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610
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Eclipse 96 Apartments
12202 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
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