Mulford Gardens – San Leandro, CA

Bordered by a golf course and marina, the neighborhood of Mulford Gardens provides residents with ample leisure activities. As one of the many Bay area neighborhoods that sprang up following World War II, this well-established neighborhood features many homes built in the 1950s, and many residents still raise chickens and other farm animals in their backyards, thanks to the community's commitment to its agricultural roots. Located 11 miles south of Oakland, residents of Mulford Gardens enjoy access to the waters of San Francisco Bay and close proximity to the city of San Leandro.

Schools in Mulford Gardens

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Restaurants in Mulford Gardens range from takeout to fine dining, and most of these lie along Doolittle Drive on the eastern edge of the neighborhood. Head over to Horatio's, located at the marina on the waterfront, to enjoy a bowl of clam chowder and juicy rib-eye steak while taking in sweeping views of the bay. Free baskets of garlic bread perfectly complement the meal, and a well-stocked bar with happy hour specials draws in customers as well. Many locals consider Thai restaurant Mai Thai to have the best curries, which it prepares in several different styles. A bowl of pad thai or spicy garlic chicken wings satisfies any appetite, and you can enjoy it with a glass of Thai iced tea. Takeout forms a large part of the business, but ample seating and lunch specials also make it a popular spot to stop in and have lunch. Expect to find many breakfast options but not much decor or atmosphere at the unassuming Ronaker's Coffee Shop. Loosen your belt and enjoy a heaping plate of country-fried steak topped with gravy and served alongside fried eggs and hash browns, one of the favorite dishes. A collection of bars in Mulford Gardens provides nightlife. Drake's Barrel House attracts a large crowd of beer enthusiasts who enjoy drinking craft beers made in the adjacent brewery. Hidden in a warehouse in an industrial park, the brewery provides large open spaces that easily facilitate social gatherings. Although the brewery doesn't serve food, food trucks station themselves in the parking lot. With frequent live music, this place serves as the go-to spot for many locals when they want a night on the town.

History & Culture

Drawn by the prospect of striking it rich in the Gold Rush, Thomas Mulford moved to California where he became a squatter on a ranch owned by a wealthy statesman. He purchased a swath of the land from the owner where present-day Mulford Gardens sits. The area was comprised of agricultural land until World War II bought in an influx of wartime workers and a boom in housing occurred in the area. Visitors can explore this history through artifacts and exhibits at the San Leandro History Museum. Locals celebrate the history of the region as a producer of cherries at the annual Cherry Festival in San Leandro. Several theaters and performing arts centers in San Leandro host ballets, plays, and concerts.


Locals mainly use cars to get around the neighborhood since the bus system operated by the AC Transit only has one route in Mulford Gardens. Most streets have wide sidewalks, making the area easily walkable. The quiet streets of the residential sections make for a nice recreational bike ride, but the lack of bike lanes in commercial areas, including Doolittle Drive, can make biking to work tricky. Most businesses provide free parking in nearby lots. The close proximity of Interstate 880 to Mulford Gardens makes getting out of town easy. Travel to the nearby cities of Oakland and San Francisco using the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) or simply take a bus ride to the station in San Leandro.


Living costs in Mulford Gardens remain the same as the California average, but five percent lower than in Oakland. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Mulford Gardens averages about $1,150 per month. At the gas pump, expect to pay nine percent higher than the national average to fill your tank, and plan to pay about $5 for a pint of beer at a local bar. Getting to Oakland from Mulford Gardens requires a bus fare of $2.10, then a $2.40 fare on BART.


Doolittle Boulevard houses most of the shopping opportunities in the neighborhood. Westgate Center contains a Walmart and a Costco. In addition to these stores, locals also shop for groceries at New Sang Chong, an Asian supermarket. Although Mulford Gardens has no farmers markets, you can find them in downtown San Leandro. Several industrial stores specialize in construction materials, including tile, cabinets, and lighting. Find the perfect touch for your home at Devil Dingo Rugs. The rugs sold here can't be found at your local home decor store, as the owner travels the world buying handmade tribal rugs. The exquisitely-designed rugs feature intricate details with a variety of different motifs, including scrolls, animals, and flowers.


Garfield Park sits next to an elementary school and contains courts for basketball and four-square. The open space permits all sorts of games, making it popular among children. Mulford Park hosts an annual Art and Music Festival, where local bands play while artists sell their artwork. The best opportunities for enjoying the outdoors exist along the shore of the bay, where you can find several natural areas. Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline stands as a reclaimed area, with lots of native vegetation planted across the site. People enjoy biking and walking on the trails that run parallel to the shore with amazing views of the bay. The area also functions as an off-leash dog park where dogs can run free. Bring along binoculars to view the many bird species that make stopovers in the area.
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