Modesto, CA

Finding Apartments for Rent in Modesto, CA

Finding apartments for rent in Modesto California is just a matter of location preference. The city, located in the Central Valley, is a sprawling urban oasis that still celebrates its country roots. The down-home feel comes from rows and rows of orchards that frame the farming community and represent the foundation of family.

Neighborhoods throughout Modesto vary in offerings but are all rich in heritage, diversity of families, cultures, and history. There are economically priced apartments located in each district, although there are areas that are overall the cheapest. The Modesto Nuts, a minor league baseball team, built its stadium in one of the lowest priced areas to live in.

Top Neighborhoods in Modesto, CA

La Loma neighborhood is located in the southern part of the city and is the most desirable place to live in the Modesto area. This community embraces old-style family houses and apartment complexes that are home to singles and families. It is attractive because it seems tucked away, yet its only minutes to the excitement of downtown. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Modesto, so it is popular among those who crave a simple style of life.

Apartment hunting in the downtown area is perfect for the social butterfly who enjoys cultural diversity and live entertainment. Popular things to do include taking in a show at Brenden Theater, sampling ethnic foods at one of many eateries, and relaxing with friends at a corner coffee shop.

Music events and festivals, community events, and humanitarian efforts are transforming this area of Modesto, for the positive. Festivals include a celebration of family, heritage, and life. If you’re an activist who’s hoping to change the world; grab an apartment and team up with other like-minded people who are changing things, a little at a time.

Dining in Modesto, CA

Galletto Ristorante a fine-dining Italian restaurant serving local ingredients that represents rustic Italy. It is one of the pricier restaurants in the area.

Tresetti’s World Caffe is a lunch and dinner favorite among locals because of the great food and friendly atmosphere. The small layout makes for a cozy setting and that is inviting.

Cultural Attractions in Modesto, CA

McHenry Museum features a historical look at the evolution of Modesto and the people who helped create this part of California. Volunteers regularly change out exhibits and tours to make it a place to visit more than once.

One of the newest landmarks and attractions to this district is the Gallo Center for the Arts. The local performing arts studio celebrates the many styles of art and regularly hosts dancers, musicians, and musical productions for the public.

Transportation Options in Modesto, CA

Highway 99 runs through Modesto, which makes it convenient for commuters who travel toward Sacramento or the Bay Area for work. Congestion is not as progressed as the bumper-to-bumper hold ups in the Los Angeles area, however; delays do sometimes slow commuting.

In addition to easily accessible freeway access, residents have the option of using public transportation. The Modesto Area Max busing system offers a variety of services to those who rely on public transportation. The Greyhound Bus station is also located in the downtown area and offers bus trips for people who are looking for transportation outside the area. This is a great alternative to flying and price of airline tickets.

All and all, Modesto is a community that is perfect for the adventurer who's always up for a new exploration.

4 Neighborhoods in Modesto, CA

  • Northeast

    The city of Stockton serves as the seat of central California's San Joaquin County. Situated roughly 80 miles east of San Francisco, Stockton stands as one of two inland seaports in the state. The other, Sacramento, sits approximately 50 miles to the north. The area's active arts and cultural scene, as well as its attractiveness to large employers, make up a large part of its identity.

  • Northwest

    Modesto serves as the seat of Stanislaus County in California's fertile Central Valley, located 90 miles east of San Francisco, 90 miles north of Fresno and 68 miles south of the state capital of Sacramento. California's famous Yosemite National Park lies about 65 miles to the east.

  • Outer Salida/Riverbank

    Riverbank and outer Salida are suburban cities in northeast Modesto, California. Triangulated between San Francisco, Sacramento and Yosemite National Park with Highway 108 coming in from the east, and Highway 99 running north to south, many find these quiet streets to be the ideal place for family living. Residents enjoy the rural setting where neighborhoods are weaved through agricultural acreages proudly growing the region’s prized nuts and fruits. These idyllic, oak-lined streets offer a laid-back lifestyle that is reminiscent of the past, but still offers close access to all the shopping and dining that city living has to offer.

  • Outer Southwest/Bystrom

    Located in the central valley of Stanislaus County, Bystrom offers a low-key lifestyle and the advantages of big-city living with its close proximity to Modesto situated only 11 miles south. Farmland surrounds the area, making Stanislaus County one of the top-ranking farming counties in California. Bystrom residents enjoy an abundance of commercial and recreational attractions that includes everything from popular retail outlets to pristine national forests.