Lansing, MI

Finding Apartments for Rent in Lansing, MI

Lansing, Michigan is the hub around which the entire state operates. Not only is the state government located there, but its location sets it up as the premiere location for almost any activity in the state. For individuals who love the country, Lansing is nestled in the heart of the state. The entire city is surrounded by rich farmland, dairy operations and large fruit orchards that come alive in the fall at the peak of harvesting. People who love the city can enjoy all of its major attractions, while at the same time being within a two hour drive of Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Detroit.

Top Neighborhoods in Lansing, MI

One of the best neighborhoods to explore is downtown Lansing, It is within walking distance of many different types of attractions, restaurants and shops. New developments are being built that have several different sizes of lofts and apartments to choose from. For those who don't want the hustle and bustle of downtown life, East Lansing offers everything a person could ask for including nightclubs, sporting events and cultural activities.

Shopping in Lansing, MI

Lansing's downtown district offers a wide selection of shops and stores to suit everyone's interests. Old Towne specializes in galleries of art work, eclectic venues for shoppers who like to explore different types of stores and quaint little stores designed to entice and intrigue everyone who passes by. Eastwood Towne Center is a state of the art, outdoor plaza with shops and stores along both sides of the avenue. Shopping centers and malls are also within easy reach and offer the convenience of department store shopping within a few miles of home.

Dining in Lansing, MI

From spoors bars to the finest in five star dining, Lansing has the sustenance to suit everyone's personal palate. Near the Eastwood Towne Center shopping district, there are a host of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops in close proximity with one another. A person can spend their day shopping or touring the city and find almost any kind of food to fit their mood. Tavern on the Square, Kelly's Downtown and Deluca's Restaurant are just a few of the most popular eateries in the city.

Sports in Lansing, MI

Lansing is the home of the Michigan State Spartans collegiate teams and is well within range of Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Detroit where both major and minor league teams play on a regular basis. Grand Rapids boasts the Griffins hockey team and the White Caps baseball team. Detroit has the Lions of the NFL, the Detroit Tigers major league baseball team and the Stanley Cup Champion hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings. Lansing is an active sporting community that has several softball leagues, city baseball and football leagues for kids as well as amateur hockey leagues for adults and children alike. For pools and billiards associates, active pool leagues are also available.

Weather in Lansing, MI

Lansing central location within the state of Michigan keeps it from being hit extremely hard with lake effect snow. Although they do receive an ample amount, the normal amount of snowfall each year ranges from 36 to 51 inches per year in the winter and approximately 25 inches of rain in the summer. Winter temperatures normally range from 17 to 30 degrees, while summer temps average between 61 and 83 degrees. Situated a comfortable distance from the Great Lakes on either side, Lake Michigan to the west and Lake Huron to the east, Lansing residents can visit either beach area for a comfortable weekend get away from the stress and frustration of the city.

Lansing is the epitome of Midwest living. It has an equal blend of big city excitement tempered with the laid back, easy going trends of the country. A few minutes in either direction, and you begin to experience a wide variety of activities. The state has alot to offer in the way of adventure and exploring. Living in Lansing, provides an excellent home base that allows you to explore in any given direction at any time and always discover something new.

12 Neighborhoods in Lansing, MI

  • Delta Township

    Situated 6 miles west of downtown Lansing, Delta Township brings to mind tree-lined streets, forested parks and family-friendly neighborhood block parties. The "I Am Delta" window stickers dotting local cars tell you this tight-knit community celebrates its diversity and unique character. Covering more than 35 square miles and proudly hosting more than 850 acres of parkland, Delta Township charms residents with a rich selection of restaurants, a large shopping mall and regional attractions like the Capital City Bird Sancuary and the Woldumar Nature Center.

  • Downtown

    Lansing, located in south central Michigan, is the state capital and a cultural, industrial and educational center, home to West Michigan University and Michigan State University.

  • Eastside

    Drive one mile east of Lansing to discover its Eastside neighborhood. Residents of this lively community enjoy restaurants, shops, schools, and park systems all within walking distance of each other. Most rentals here include apartments, but some homes and condos can be found too.

  • Edgemont Park

    Edgemont Park, an unincorporated community located on the western outskirts of Lansing, MI, offers the best of suburban living with good public amenities. Its proximity to Lansing, suburban lifestyle, and cultural diversity makes this neighborhood a popular many residents.

  • Forest View

    Located four miles south of Lansing, the neighborhood of Forest View in Michigan offers an excellent location, less than three miles southwest from Michigan State University. As a result, many students choose apartments in Forest View. With a charming mix of historic and modern buildings and proximity to downtown, Forest View is a popular neighborhood for commuters, as well. Tree-lined streets and public amenities add to the charm of living here.

  • Northtown

    Apartments in the Northtown neighborhood of Lansing are only about nine minutes from downtown, which puts residents near the lively historic arts district of Old Town. Locals enjoy being one with nature, by walking the trails of Bancroft Park or playing a round of golf at the popular Groesbeck Golf Course – one of the top 10 municipal courses in the state.

  • Northwestside

    The Northwestside section of Lansing represents the smallest of the city's four major neighborhoods. This unique area of town is split between residential and industrial areas, and features a combination rural and suburban feel.

  • Old Everett

    Affordable living, a rich history, and beautiful residential areas come together to create a tight-knit community in Old Everett, an often-overlooked Lansing community with much to offer. Situated just three miles south of downtown Lansing, this neighborhood gives you easy access to the Michigan capital's rich collection of shopping and nightlife. A short drive takes you to Michigan State University, the majestic Grand River or the expansive Carl G. Fenner Arboretum.

  • Old Town

    Old Town, Lansing's original downtown, dates back to 1843 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Old Town overlooks the Grand River and its popular bike trail. Apartments and townhouses make up the majority of the rental property in this area, with many shops and restaurants within walking distance.

  • Outer Southside

    The Outer Southside neighborhood of Lansing sits just north of I-96 and west of Sycamore Creek. This area of town consists mainly of commercial buildings and industrial parks that provide residents with ample employment opportunities. Residents enjoy affordable housing and close proximity to large parks and the river bank.

  • River Point

    The River Point Neighborhood of Lansing, Mich., sits right of the intersection of Grand River and Red Cedar River, just south of Expressway I-496. The area features a combination of apartments, small bungalows, and farm-style houses from the 1950s and 1960s, commercial spaces for local shops and parks that run alongside the rivers. Residents enjoy easy access to amenities and a small-town feel despite living in one of the largest cities in the state.

  • The Stadium District

    The Stadium District of downtown Lansing lies in the heart of downtown. Home to Michigan’s state government, the area also has many residential areas.