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Affordable living in Pasadena becomes a reality for residents of Lamanda Park, a vibrant neighborhood with peaceful residential areas and a strong retail scene. Lamanda Park lies just 13 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles for an easy commute, and it rests just 3 miles east of Old Pasadena with all its nightlife establishments and high-end shopping areas. Once an industrial hub ruled by factories, warehouses and lumber yards, Lamanda Park charms residents with a unique, modern flavor that sets it apart from the rest of Pasadena. The neighborhood remains a popular destination for retirees looking for a quiet place to settle down, but it also attracts a younger crowd of families and couples looking to upgrade to an upscale residential area with plenty of amenities, trendy shops and good schools.

Schools in Lamanda Park

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Lamanda Park has developed a multicultural dining scene featuring signature cuisines from around the world. Grab some shish kebab, Pad Thai and Vietnamese noodles all on the same street, or experience Pasadena culture in the trendy American cafes and diners strewn along Colorado Boulevard. For a taste of Japan, head to O'seyo Shabu Shabu to enjoy mid-priced hot pots and seafood-centered regional dishes. This place serves up the best shabu-shabu in Pasadena, and you can't leave without sampling the crispy blue crab wontons. This place gets packed during the lunch and dinner hours, so go during off hours to avoid a long wait. Whether you're craving burgers or gourmet breakfast food, pull up a chair at Plate 38, a local gastropub with modern zest. If you come for brunch, be sure to try the croque-madame with its thick layers of egg, cheese, ham and toast smothered in bechamel sauce, or try the Eggs Benedict with slices of salmon. Don't forget to order a cup of Peet's Coffee. If you stop by for dinner, sample the four cheese Sexy Mac with a tall glass of greyhound made special with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. For Middle Eastern and vegetarian dishes, don't pass up a chance to dine at Famous Shish Kabob. Here you find some of the freshest hummus and falafel in town. If you go for the chicken kabobs, be sure to ask for both the garlic sauce and the cilantro sauce for a flavor explosion. Most residents head to downtown Pasadena for its eclectic nightlife scene, but Lamanda Park has its own laid-back bar selection for those who don't want to venture far from home. Join the local crowd at The Colorado Bar, a casual dive where you can play pool or a game of darts while listening to tunes blasting from the jukebox. This place has some good vibes and cheap drinks, and the regulars always welcome newcomers.

History & Culture

Once standing as an independent township, Lamanda Park was built up as an industrial area with most homes being constructed during the housing boom of the 1950s. Although Pasadena grew around Lamanda Park and annexed it in 1914, the neighborhood maintains a unique culture and identity. For a taste of Pasadena's cultural heritage, stop by the nearby Pasadena Museum of California Art to browse diverse paintings. Be sure to visit the Lamanda Park Branch of the Pasadena Public Library to catch up on community happenings. Don't miss annual Pasadena events like the Rose Bowl and the Pasadena Chalk Festival, where you can explore intricate sidewalk chalk art by artists from around the globe.


Located right off the 210, Lamanda Park provides an easy commute for business professionals with a trip to downtown L.A. taking an average of 33 minutes. Free public parking lines most of the streets, but finding a space in the popular retail areas often proves difficult. When you don't want to deal with parking, you can always call Uber or a Pasadena Taxi for a quick ride to the store. Although most residents navigate the neighborhood by car, you can always hop on one of the Metro, Pasadena ARTS or Foothill Transit buses for a ride to downtown Pasadena or central L.A. Bicycle enthusiasts find a bike lane along Sierra Madre Boulevard, while many neighborhood streets remain bike-friendly. Lamanda Park's mild weather and heavy concentration of amenities also create an ideal environment for foot traffic.


Unlike central Pasadena, Lamanda Park keeps things affordable with a cost of living that sticks close to the average for the L.A. metro area. If you're in the market for an apartment, expect an average rent of $1,318 for a one-bedroom dwelling. When traveling to central L.A., take the Metro bus for $1.75 for a one-way trip with free transfers. Gas prices generally hover 12 percent above the national average, and a beer at a local bar like Colorado costs around $5 to $6.


The retail scene in northern Lamanda Park is far from your standard shopping experience with a collection of quirky shops selling vinyl records, vintage furniture and punk-rock T-shirts. The neighborhood draws on its industrial heritage in its spread of thrift stores, auto shops and home-building supplies, but it also hosts a thriving music scene with record shops, guitar stores and retailers of handmade violins. If you're looking to decorate your new apartment, take a walk through Uncharted Antiques to find industrial home decor and antiques alongside newer conversation starters. Pick up a pair of hanging lanterns, an old globe for the desk, a Chinese rug or an antique Italian oil jar. This place comes across as a steampunk heaven with an emphasis on the odd and unusual, but get ready for some hefty prices. If punk fashions with vintage flair suit your style, stop by Meowmeowz Rock Shop, a specialty store that puts Hot Topic to shame. Pick up a spiked belt, a horsehead mask, wacky handmade jewelry and everything in between. Find plenty of nostalgic items like old records alongside Goth-inspired boots and fashions. Just keep in mind that store hours vary. For your weekly grocery shopping, find all your staples at the local Vons, or pick up some quick snacks and soda at 7-Eleven. Don't forget to check out the Old Pasadena Farmers' Market just west of the neighborhood.


When you want to enjoy a sunny day in SoCal, head over to Eaton Blanche Park to play a game on the tennis and basketball courts or just have a peaceful picnic on the grass. Take a stroll through the park during the spring and summer to see the Jacaranda trees decorating the area with pastel purple flowers, or stop by to let your kids climb on the jungle gym. This park also has a wide field of thick grass perfect for playing a game of impromptu football or just running with your pooch.
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