Kendall – San Bernardino, CA

The neighborhood of Kendall is located within the Inland Empire and lies northwest of San Bernardino, off the Barstow Freeway. Kendall’s location provides the comforts of small-town life while also presenting easy access to the bigger cities of the Inland Empire. The neighborhood of Kendall is centered around wellness and the residents pride themselves on being hard-working. The community enjoys a variety of shopping and dining options as well as plenty of places to get outside and spend some time with nature.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Make your way down Kendall drive for a selection of top-notch restaurants with cuisines from around the globe. Take in the aromas of freshly baked Italian bread, carne asada, and falafel. Head to Lucca’s Pasta Bar for a fine Italian dining experience. Try the signature tortellini Gorgonzola dish, which features beautiful pasta sautéed with pine nuts, gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms, then smothered in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Order up an artisan pizza such as the Italiano with sausage, spinach, mushroom, dried tomatoes and basil, or choose your own ingredients to make a special pizza creation. Luca’s also serves up Italian inspired sandwiches such as the meatball and Parmesan combo on focaccia bread. Sample the flavors and spices of Mexico when you dine at Taco Shop Mexican Grill. Try the taco special, which includes three tacos of your choice with a heaping side of refried beans and Mexican style rice. Dig in to some chili cheese fries or nachos with house-made salsa. Order up a shrimp tostada, which is loaded with fresh tomato, onion and avocado. Kendall provides a varied nightlife scene that presents something for every interest. Relax at a hookah bar, sing your heart out at karaoke night, or shoot some pool at a sports bar. Locals head to Trevor’s Rustic Inn right to the south of the neighborhood to enjoy an evening out with good company and quality service. Check out the Friday prime rib special for only $10.99. Wet your whistle with a beer before singing your favorite song on karaoke night. Come in on a Tuesday for $2.25 beers on tap.

History & Culture

Kendall’s history is linked with the history of the city of San Bernardino. The area which eventually became San Bernardino was originally settled by Spanish missionaries. As times changed the land was used mostly for Spanish ranchos. Gold was discovered in nearby Holcomb valley during the 1800s, bringing in a large number of new settlers. The city continues to prosper and experience economic growth. Drop in to the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum to learn more about the area’s fascinating history. The San Bernardino area hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year that bring the community together. Residents gear up for the annual Calico Ghost Town festival, which includes a miner’s triathlon and a burro race.


Kendall lies within the Inland Empire, northwest of the city of San Bernardino off the Barstow Freeway. It only takes 10 minutes to drive from Kendall to downtown San Bernardino via Interstate-215 North. Public on-street parking is available throughout Kendall. Call up A-1 Yellow Cab if you are in need of a quick ride. Uber rideshare and taxi company also serves Kendall and surrounding areas. Bike lanes can be found on major roads such as Kendall Drive and University Parkway. Due to the high concentration of shops and restaurants, the neighborhood of Kendall is easily accessible on foot. Omnitrans provides public transport to the area. The service has several public bus routes that go through Kendall and connect to outlying areas.


Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Kendall runs about $902 a month, slightly lower than the average for the San Bernardino area. There are many affordable housing options in the Kendall area. Gas prices in the Kendall area settle around 12 percent higher than the national average.You can grab a pint of beer at a local pub for around $4. A one-way ticket fare on an Omnitrans public bus runs $1.75, a day pass runs $5. Overall the cost of living in Kendall is around the same as the median cost of living for the San Bernardino area.


Pick up everyday items from CVS Pharmacy or Walmart. Kendall doesn't house that many high-end shops or boutiques in the neighborhood, but there are plenty in the surrounding area. If you want something healthy to eat after a workout go down to Juice It Up. This raw juice bar is a great location to get healthy juices and smoothies. Update your wardrobe with trendy and unique pieces from Honey Fashions. Find the perfect little party dress, handcrafted jewelry or classy purses. The friendly staff will do their best to help you find pieces that match your individual style. Residents pick up groceries from stores such as Ralph's or Stater Bros. Market. Freshen up your kitchen with organic local products from Fontana Farmers' Market. Pick up freshly picked strawberries, local produce, cage-free eggs and bakery items.


Make you way to Frisbee Park to enjoy the sunny Southern California weather. The park features soccer fields, baseball diamonds and plenty of open grassy spaces for playing. Toss a frisbee or throw out a blanket on the grass for a relaxing picnic. Get your game on when you head to Fergusson Park for an afternoon of fun. Watch the game in Fergusson’s premier football stadium as you chow down on some popcorn. If football isn’t your thing, you can head to the baseball diamond or take the kids to the playground area. Your canine companions will be grateful for the time spent outside in Wildwood Dog Park. There are separate fenced areas for small and big dogs, open areas for playing catch and running around, and shaded areas for resting.