Kalamazoo, MI

Finding Apartments for Rent in Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo is a city located in the southwestern portion of Michigan's lower peninsula. With an area of about 25 square miles and an estimated population of just over 74,000 people, Kalamazoo is one of the more populated cities in this region of the state. It is what many refer to as a "college town," being home to Western Michigan University (WMU) and Kalamazoo College. 

The city has a number of nicknames, including "K-Zoo" and "Mall City." The reason for the latter nickname is that the city was home to the first downtown pedestrian mall in the country, which opened in 1959 and is still a popular attraction today.

With plenty to see and do in Kalamazoo, in addition to its relatively low crime rates, this is a very popular place to both live and work. Its economy, despite the state's overall struggles, is doing well. This is a great time to rent an apartment in the Kalamazoo area, and there are plenty of rental units available to suit just about anybody's needs.

Top Neighborhoods in Kalamazoo, MI

If you're considering a move to the Kalamazoo area, it's important to find a neighborhood that best suits your needs. If you're a college student attending WMU or any of the surrounding smaller colleges, then the west side of town is probably where you want to be. Here, you can find plenty of reasonably priced student housing that's close to campus.

On the other hand, if you're a young professional or starting a family, then you probably won't want to like on the western side of town. Instead, you may prefer something a little more upscale that will afford you more privacy without necessarily losing that community feel. Fortunately, you can find that in the southern part of the city, which also conveniently includes the city's downtown area.

Cultural Attractions in Kalamazoo, MI

The city's unique name actually has a historical meaning, and the town itself has a lot of history and culture tied to it. As such, you can find plenty of intriguing historical and cultural attractions across the city, many of which are free or charge a very small fee to the public.

Looking for a fun place to explore art with friends or family? If so, then the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts is the place to be. Conveniently located on South Park Street, you can find something here for people of all ages. For example, there are always new exhibits going on throughout the year, so when you visit you never get the same experience twice. What many people do not realize is that the institute is also a complete art school which offers degrees in a variety of art-related subjects. Still, the museum itself is its biggest draw to locals, and admission is reasonably priced at just $5 for adults and $2 for students with valid ID. Children under 12 are free, making this a great family destination that won't break the bank.

Want to get in touch with the local history of Kalamazoo? If so, then you'll want to spend a day at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Here, you'll enjoy exploring a full planetarium, a walk-through local history tour, and so much more. Not to mention, general admission is completely free. Be sure to check out the official museum website to find out more about local exhibits, as they change often.

Entertainment in Kalamazoo, MI

There's lots to see and do in downtown Kalamazoo! For starters, be sure to check out what has become known as the "entertainment district," where there's something new going on every day of the week. This is the go-to spot for any kind of nightlife, including bars and dance clubs. Here, you can enjoy the city's annual block party, some great local restaurants, and even live music from time to time.

If you're looking to catch a live show, consider checking out the schedule at the Farmers Alley Theater, which is located near the downtown area. This privately owned theater is small and intimate, making it a great venue to catch concerts and plays. Plus, since the theater is always taking on new shows, there is always something new to see here. The acting in the shows is known for being superb, and no matter what your tastes are when it comes to theater, you'll be sure to find something that you can truly enjoy at Farmers Alley. Be sure to check their official website for updated show schedules and box office information.

Weather in Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo is a beautiful place to be all year round, but one of the drawbacks of living here is that the city does see some pretty harsh winters. Being so close to Lake Michigan, residents are subjected to heavy amounts of lake-effect snow during the months December through March. However, when spring blooms and gives way to summer - and when summer gives way to fall - this is truly a beautiful place and a great time to visit any of the city's local parks. Furthermore, during the winter time, the city's downtown area is decked out in some wonderful glistening lights and decorations, essentially turning the city center into a winter wonderland.

8 Neighborhoods in Kalamazoo, MI

  • Central Business District

    Living in the Central Business District of Kalamazoo, Michigan puts you in the center of a lively, active city. Both I-94 and East Michigan Avenue run through this neighborhood, connecting you to nearby Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University in under 10 minutes. Those living in this area choose from a mix of lofts and condos for rent.

  • Edison

    Bordering downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan to the southeast, the Edison neighborhood is a mix of residences, green spaces, and commercial properties that combine to create a diverse, tight-knit community. Both the 8 and the 10 bus lines of the Kalamazoo Metro Transit run through Edison. Residents can take either and get to the downtown district in less than 15 minutes. The neighborhood features apartment buildings and historic homes for rent.

  • Knollwood

    The Knollwood neighborhood of Kalamazoo sits at the west side of the downtown area next to the campus of Western Michigan University. This small neighborhood consists mainly of apartment complexes and commercial businesses that service student needs. Residents enjoy easy access to campus facilities, restaurants where they can quickly grab a bite to eat between classes, and major highways and expressways that travel through and out of the city. While Knollwood provides a well-maintained and safe place to live, its proximity to the campus mainly attracts students whose priorities include location and convenience.

  • Millwood

    Nestled in the heart of southeast Kalamazoo, just 4 miles from downtown, Milwood stands out as a peaceful suburban space dotted with cottages and historic country homes alongside booming commercial districts. Most residents live in single-family homes along quiet residential streets, while a few apartment buildings provide affordable housing for young professionals.

  • Parkview Hills

    Built as a gateway between man and nature, the master-planned community of Parkview Hills enchants residents with some of the most desirable homes and luxury condominiums in Kalamazoo. Approximately 100 of the neighborhood's 288 acres were left purposely undeveloped so residents can enjoy birdwatching, nature walks and scenic vistas. Carefully landscaped waterways snake through the community with fountains, dock-end gazebos and swans. Nature-loving residents move here to enjoy natural beauty in every season.

  • South Westnedge

    Situated three miles south of downtown Kalamazoo near the city of Portage, the neighborhood of South Westnedge stands out as a suburban gem with its noble split-level homes and tree-studded yards that line the culs-de-sac curving through the neighborhood. Families come here to enjoy beautiful residential areas and a low crime rate, and professionals move here for its accessibility with an average commute of just 15 minutes.

  • Vine

    The lively Vine neighborhood sits within walking distance of downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Located close to Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College, Vine's rental accommodations include plenty of apartment buildings. Cultural, educational, and outdoor activities abound. The community theater, Kalamazoo Civic Theater, puts on high-quality performances and offers acting classes for all ages. Nearby, the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, which houses traveling and permanent art exhibitions, also offers classes.

  • Westwood

    A quiet residential area, the Westwood neighborhood can be found northwest of the city center by three miles. Because it sits close to U.S. 131 and M-43, the community provides a convenient neighborhood to enjoy daily life while remaining close to the city and within easy distance of Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan. Because Kalamazoo sits halfway between Chicago and Detroit, reaching those larger cities via I-94 continues to be easy.