Jackson, MS

Finding Apartments for Rent in Jackson, MS

Johnny Cash and his wife June once immortalized Jackson, Mississippi in a song named after the city, saying in so many words that they couldn't stop talking about their trip to the state capital. So if you're going to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Cash and "go on down to Jackson", here's what you need to know for your apartment search. Jackson's neighborhoods can vary widely in style and layout, so you'll need to ask yourself what you're looking for before you start your search. Downtown Jackson will put you closest to the exciting nightlife and restaurant scene but it's also a bit congested at times from people just passing through. If you want more of a suburbs type feel, Historic Brandon is family friendly. Byram and Canton are great if you want that traditional small Southern town feel but still want to be within driving distance of the action.

Top Neighborhoods in Jackson, MS

There's plenty to love about the biggest city in Mississippi, for residents and tourists alike. Jackson offers friendly, welcoming neighborhoods for apartment seekers, with options available for all income levels.

Historic Brandon will place you just off of Highway 80, putting you near the metro area, but out of the way of the hustle and bustle. Downtown Brandon itself is a sight to be hold. There are plenty of historical buildings still standing that add to the culture of the town.

Downtown Jackson is tourist central, but if you enjoy a fast-paced, urban lifestyle, this is your destination. There's a bit of a housing boom, or "apartment-boom" rather, that's been going on for the last several years here. That means there are plenty of newly renovated apartments for rent. Many of them are built with a focus towards creating a community among the residents. Downtown truly has it all, just keep in mind that the rent is usually higher here than in any other Jackson neighborhood, simply because of the convenience of the location and the surrounding businesses and landmarks.

Byram has a classic small town feel, but it's actually a fairly recent development. It was incorporated in 2009. Its still growing and within the next five years, you can expect for it to become further commercialized. But right now, it's a great small town with plenty of mom and pop style small businesses. If you're looking for quiet streets and friendly people, this is the neighborhood for you.

Shopping in Jackson, MS

Jackson has plenty of shopping centers and malls throughout its many neighborhoods. The City with Soul offers a number of great attractions no matter what you're in the mood for.

The Outlets of Mississippi on Bass Pro drive are just outside the city in Pearl and is the state's largest shopping center with a robust selection of stores. Within Jackson proper, the Highland Village Shopping Center offers nearly 50 stores offering everything from apparel to furniture with stores that will appeal to the entire family.

If you're looking to purchase some art, Jackson has a number of great galleries. The city is in fact known for its art scene and attracts traffic from throughout the South. The Mississippi Museum of Art on South Lamar Street is quite popular and there are a number of galleries with work for sale all within the area.

Nightlife in Jackson, MS

Don't worry about what the tourist books tell you, the only bar you need to visit if you are a Jackson native is Fenian's Pub. It's won the Jackson Free Press's Best Bar award for three consecutive years. It's located in Belhaven at the corner of Fortification and Jefferson. This happily puts it away from all of the downtown tourist and business congestion.

If you're on a budget and looking to get the most for your buck, Martin's Lounge is the best choice. You won't find this place in many tourists guides either, the locals refer to it as a dive bar. But don't let that fool you. It's been recently renovated and has new flooring, tables and ventilation. The bar runs daily specials including plenty of two for one deals.

If drinking isn't your thing, you should stick to Downtown Jackson, where there's plenty of museums, stage shows and nightclubs to dance the evening away.

Weather in Jackson, MS

If you grew up in a town where you hated having to get out the snow blower every winter, you'll be quite pleased with the weather in Jackson. Just don't be surprised if the intensity of the heat during the summer has you wishing you could return to your more frigid days.

It rarely drops below freezing even in the winter, but you can expect to spend most of the your summer days with the thermometer north of 90 degrees.

One other word of caution is inclement weather. Jackson doesn't suffer during hurricane season like some other Southern cities but you can expect some severe thunderstorms spring through fall. A tornado warning will not be surprising to you after you've lived here for a couple of summers. Keep these things in mind if you plan to walk or bike to your destinations from your apartment complex.

4 Neighborhoods in Jackson, MS

  • Downtown Jackson

    Steeped in history and a rich heritage, downtown Jackson combines city attractions and entertainment with the down-home hospitality of a small Southern town. As the heart of this small city, downtown is home to government buildings such as the Mississippi State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion.

  • North

    Located ten minutes from the city center, North Jackson provides resident with a diverse neighborhood filled with wonderful shops, bars and restaurants. Residents enjoy easy access to the city coupled with a small town feel of the area. The close-knit community has blossomed into a destination in its own right with unique restaurants and bars that locals frequent often. Jackson's reputation as a blues city stands true in the live music visitors see in the area's nightlife.

  • Outer Downtown/Belhaven

    The Outer Downtown/Belhaven neighborhood shares part of its musical heritage with Jackson, located 2 miles to the northwest, and has many local amenities such as the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and the 305-acre LeFleur's Bluff State Park. The neighborhood sits just south of University of Mississippi and east of Jackson State University, and alumni of the colleges are known to settle around the area. With a relatively low cost of living, high graduation rates and sunny weather, Belhaven is a very attractive neighborhood to reside in Mississippi.

  • South/West

    The Southwest area of Jackson houses a diverse variety of tourist attractions, shopping malls and tasty eateries. Sample authentic Southern recipes like the popular Mississippi catfish or shrimp and grits. This neighborhood sits close to one of the best-preserved mountain regions in the nation, allowing residents to enjoy plenty of incredible landscapes and fun outdoor activities.