Idaho Falls, ID

Finding Apartments for Rent in Idaho Falls, ID

Anyone interested in living in Idaho Falls, ID will certainly have many options to consider. There are apartments available throughout the three major neighborhoods that will suit any budget or family size.

Top Neighborhoods In Idaho Falls, ID

Neighborhoods in Idaho Falls are varied and will appeal to different types of people. There are three distinct and neighborhoods in Idaho Falls, ID.

  • West Side: Located on the western side of the Snake River, this neighborhood has a small town feel and is devoid of regular traffic congestion. The west side experienced a boom from the 1960s to the 1980s. Development slowed after the 80s as other parts of Idaho Falls grew. However, with new housing developments and apartment complexes presently being built, the west side is expected to grow in the coming years.
  • Historic Downtown: On the east side of the river between the Greenbelt and Yellowstone Avenue, the historic downtown district has a certain charm that draws people from all around. There are shops, cafes, wineries and art centers that seem to be multiplying with each passing year. Additionally, this neighborhood is where most community events take place, such as the Fourth of July celebration, public concerts and countless art shows.
  • The Numbered Streets: This neighborhood got its name by being the first planned neighborhood in the city. These streets, tastefully lined with trees, run east to west and can become congested with traffic. Fortunately, since it is a planned neighborhood, one way streets are used to help guide the heavy amount of traffic. Nestled next to the Historic Downtown districts, this is one of the most desirable neighborhoods.

Shopping in Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls has a thriving community of businesses, both small and large. You can easily browse many of these businesses online by visiting the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce website. You will find that Idaho Falls, ID provides countless options for shopping. 

There are also shops with all types of interesting goods in the Historic Downtown. This part of town is typically where you'll find visitors and residents alike enjoying the local shops and cafes.

Sports in Idaho Falls, ID

Sports enthusiasts will be right at home in Idaho Falls, ID. Golfers will appreciate the three professional caliber golf courses. Idaho Falls, ID also has baseball clubs, bowling alleys, tennis courts and swimming pools. People who play almost any sport will be right at home in Idaho Falls. Those who recently moved into a new apartment only need to ask around and they'll find a vibrant community surrounding various sports.

Cultural Attractions in Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls is full of many cultural attractions that will entertain and delight visitors and residents alike. The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho and the Idaho Falls Art Council both support the local art community. This includes performance art, street art, traditional art and many other types of artistic expression. There are constantly events that support the appreciation and advancement of the arts. 

Idaho Falls got it's start as Taylor's Crossing along the Montana Trail. An timber bridge allowed for those moving along this trail to easily cross over the Snake river. This bridge helped provide a boom in the towns of Bannack and Virginia City as miners and freighters required some sort of way to cross the river. This bridge can still be seen today and serves as an educational way to experience the history of Idaho Falls.

The Museum of Idaho is also a pleasant cultural attraction for anyone looking to experience the history of the region firsthand. They regularly host educational events for anyone interested. Rotating exhibits make this museum one that even residents can visit again and again.

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