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Once known as “Little Hollywood," the Hough (pronounced “huff”) neighborhood has seen many changes. Today the region supports a phoenix rising from the ashes mix of grand ornate buildings in need of repair, empty lots, newer houses and suburban-style townhouses. Cleveland’s revival efforts over the last several decades have started to bear fruit. Located about 3 miles northeast of the heart of Cleveland and just a mile off the Lake Erie shoreline, Hough residents enjoy the fresh air of revitalization.

Schools in Hough

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Restaurants & Nightlife

There are few places to eat in Hough aside from fast food and chain restaurants, but there are several options for dining in neighboring areas that are well worth the short drive. Head to the nearby university area to dine on authentic French cuisine at L'Albatross Brasserie. Locals rave about the duck confit and the French cheese assortments. For a more hearty meal, try the veal short ribs or the cassoulet. With its intimate seating and modern decor, L'Albatross Brasserie makes an ideal location for date night. Enjoy the beautiful views from the outdoor patio in the summer, or choose a table next to the warm fire in the dining room on a crisp autumn evening. Nearby, the Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant pleasantly shocks taste buds and appeals to folks who don't mind finger food-style eating. Enjoy authentic Ethiopian cooking served by the Ethiopian staff. If you're new to this type of food, try the sambusa with warm traditional injera bread and the doro wat chicken dish. The meat falls off the bone. The warm ambiance feels right at home. Try to sit at the traditional-style seating, where comfortable chairs casually circle a small table for sharing dishes. Give yourself extra time; the service is as relaxed as the atmosphere. For late-night entertainment, skip town and go for the big city lights of Cleveland itself or nearby neighborhoods of University or Cleveland Heights. The downtown flats of Cleveland are worth the extra drive, especially for the live entertainment. O'Reilly's Irish Pub in University Heights provides a casual environment with good bar food and an excellent selection of beer. For drinks and live music, check out the Barking Spider Tavern or the Grog Shop (both in Cleveland Heights) for lots of live tunes and good times.

History & Culture

Named after the first settlers who arrived in 1799, Hough soon became home to Cleveland’s elite residents, complete with ornate architecture and exclusive private schools. Since then, Hough has undergone some significant changes. Leading up to and following the wake of the racially-charged Hough riots in 1966, many of the wealthy citizens left for more suburban land, leaving grand old buildings that fell into decay. The African American Museum tells the neighborhood’s story as well as general African history and civil movements within America. One of the permanent exhibits, supported in part by NASA, highlights inventions and scientific achievements of Africans and Americans throughout history. The museum holds various classes during the week on culture, history and traditional African dance. The nearby Dunham Tavern Museum remains the oldest standing building in the city of Cleveland. The Museum showcases early to mid-1800s lifestyle.


Hough may be somewhat walkable, and the city of Cleveland has invested in bike lanes on some of the main roads, but safety remains a concern. Most locals use their own vehicles or take public transportation to get around. The city bus routes have numerous stops along main thoroughfares that surround and intersect the neighborhood. Cabs can sometimes be hailed especially along Euclid Avenue near the Cleveland Clinic, but your best bet is to call ahead. Uber can also be an option. Free public parking is available along residential streets but gets progressively more difficult to find closer to the hospital area, where parking in garages become the only option, and this isn't free. Bordered by state routes 6 and 20, getting to and from Hough is straightforward. Both travel directly to Cleveland going west and shopping and entertainment to the east.


Easy on the pocketbook, the cost of living in Hough is around 2 percent lower than Cleveland proper. For $2.50 one way, you can catch the city bus to downtown Cleveland. Renting a one-bedroom apartment here runs slightly less than the Cleveland average at about $630. A typical beer costs about $3, and gas sits about 4 percent below the national average.


You won’t find the usual sort of shopping in Hough, although small strip malls and occasional big box stores can be found lightly scattered throughout. Instead, look for unique businesses with long standing reputations that specialize in various industries and genres. For a more typical shopping experience, locals head to nearby downtown Cleveland and Legacy Village. The Cleveland Canvas Goods Manufacturing Company provides both commercial and consumer products. Discover well-made duffel and gym bags, commercial-grade insulated coolers, grill covers and even raw canvas if you have a hankering to create your own. The shop specializes in custom carrying cases for anything from fishing rod cases to small machinery, and with experience serving the community since 1922, it gives customers the best. Delivering superb wedding and event designs, Stephen M. Tokar Floral is more than just flowers. Imagine elegant swaths of billowing fabric, posh table settings, exceptional cakes and, of course, gorgeous floral arrangements. Featured in magazines such as the Knot and Weddings In Ohio, Tokar Floral has local status for stylish detail. One of Cleveland’s main suppliers of new and used restaurant Equipment, Ace Fixtures & Supply Company also offers design services for area eateries, bars, hospitals and schools. Creative consumers find Ace a great resource for equipping a more industrial-style kitchen on a budget or even gathering up high-quality cookhouse glassware and bar stools. Stop in regularly to be the first to view the more rare and unique pieces brought over when old establishments remodel. Save-a-Lot, Dave’s Market, Superior Food Market and Church Square Market remain the primary source for everyday groceries in Hough. For a full-service butcher shop, try local specialty store Prime Meats. Choose from hard-to-find delicacies like chitterlings, or peruse a large selection of seafood and shellfish. Hough doesn’t have farmers markets, but several nearby markets are well-run and filled with local produce. Try Gateway 105 or the very popular North Union Farmers Markets.


League Park, originally a baseball stadium and located in the center of Hough, has now taken on new life as baseball museum, sports education center. A historical giant, League Park has felt the footsteps of baseball greats such as Cy Young, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth. The park once known as Dunn Field currently operates an indoor pool, tennis courts, ball fields and bike trails, and maintains the original ticketing booth built in 1891. Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center provides an indoor pool, weight room, gym and sauna. Classes offered include basic yoga, line dancing and martial arts. Participation in programs is free of charge to residents. In 2012 the Dunham Tavern Museum purchased abandoned property from the city to create the largest green space in midtown Cleveland. The Tavern park is open every day from dusk until dawn and is free to the public. Dogs are welcome on the grounds as long as they are leashed and controlled.
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