Greenville, MS

Finding Apartments for Rent in Greenville, MS

Greenville, MS is a rural town that has plenty of Southern hospitality to offer its residents and visitors alike. Its located in Washington County along the Mississippi River Delta. It in fact bills itself as the Heart and Soul of the Delta, mostly because of its connection to blues music. Rent for many apartments throughout the region is very affordable for the city's size. Greenville has a small town feel but with modern conveniences. Apartments along its main street will put you within walking distance of plenty of Mom and Pop style shops and restaurants.

There's also great living to be had out in the sticks. The more rural regions of the Greenville area will give you a lot of peace and quiet at an even more affordable price.

Top Neighborhoods in Greenville, MS

If you want the quiet life but don't want to be too far from the action, the neighborhood of Golding Acres is a top choice for many apartment and house renters. Many of these buildings are older, so central air will not always be an option, but you'll be living here for the chance to truly enjoy a rural lifestyle away from the big city.

Nearby Leland, MS, birthplace of Kermit the Frog, is also a popular neighborhood in the Greenville area. Both Leland and Greenville are centers of the blues music business and will often feature live entertainment at many of their pubs and nightclubs.

Cultural Attractions in Greenville, MS

Greenville, MS is perhaps most known for being the birthplace of Muppet's creator Jim Henson. The city is proud of its connection to one of the biggest titans in the history of television and has sought to turn the connection into a tourism business. There is a Kermit the Frog museum in neighboring Leland that attracts people from all over the country. You can get a look at some of Henson's early work with Kermit as well as some of the original Muppets that were used by Henson himself. Henson's childhood home is also a popular choice for drive-by tourists.

There is also a bit of an art scene in Greenville, led by the E.E. Bass Cultural Arts Center. They will occasionally bring in art galleries from other museums throughout the South. Other events like wine tastings are also occasionally organized.

Sports in Greenville, MS

Greenville does not have any professional sports teams but locals are huge fans of college teams throughout Mississippi. The Ole Miss Rebels at the University of Mississippi are by far the most popular team in the region, if not the entire state. It's a reasonable drive from Greenville to Oxford, MS. But even if you don't make the trip, you can find the game on at most bars throughout Greenville during the fall.

If you actually want to participate in some sporting activity instead of just watching it on the tube, it will help your chances of fitting in with other Greenville residents if you have an appreciation for the great outdoors. Fishing along the Mississippi River is quite popular as is hunting throughout the hills along the delta.

Weather in Greenville, MS

Greenville, MS is located within the Mississippi Delta area and it shares weather patterns typical for the rest of the region. Most notable is that Greenville's location near the Mississippi River makes it more prone to rain and humid weather than other parts of Mississippi. It's not uncommon for a thunderstorm to light up the night sky during an otherwise hot summer night.

When the weather turns a bit cooler, you can even get some hailstorms during the winter months. The area is also sometimes a victim of strong tornadoes, but those are infrequent. Still, it's a good idea for renters in the area to have some type of insurance that will protect their personal property.

If you can get past the inclement weather though, there's a lot to like. Temperatures in the summer easily come in over 90 degrees and it doesn't tend to cool off that much in winter, with lows approaching the 40s and 50s, which is still considerably warmer than the rest of the country.

There's nothing quite like leaving your apartment in downtown Greenville and walking towards your favorite pub for some food and blues music on a warm summer night.

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