Greenville, DE

The scenic town of Greenville, DE extends over 2.8 square miles in close proximity to the Brandywine River. With a population of just 2,326 residents, this attractive community offers an ideal lifestyle for people of all ages. There are an abundance of beautiful landscapes amidst quiet, winding roads and long stretches of luxurious, as yet undeveloped land. Kennett Pike, or Route 52, leads the way from Greenville to the lush, culturally rich Brandywine Valley and its many museums, gardens and other points of great interest.

Top Neighborhoods in Greenville, DE

As a highly attractive suburb of Wilmington, DE, Greenville is a favorite living location among executives, city business workers, active retired people and sophisticated urbanites of all ages. In addition, families with teens and young children are drawn to this community by the fine quality schools, both public and private, it has to offer. Greenville actually is one of the wealthiest towns per capita in the United States today. Seventy percent of currently employed residents of Greenville are working at the executive, managerial or professional levels in their occupations.

Both privately owned homes and rental properties in Greenville are very carefully maintained and of high value. Due to the size of the town, homeowners and apartment renters live next door to one another and interact in their daily lives throughout the community. Some newer residents first rent available apartments on the lush, scenic residential streets and later buy houses in the neighborhood. However, senior residents and other homeowners may choose to sell their attractive, long-time homes and move to equally appealing apartments to simplify their current lifestyles.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Greenville, DE

As a suburban lifestyle setting, Greenville offers rentals of studio apartments along with one to five-bedroom apartments. Some units may be even larger, especially since much of the town's rental property is within large homes which have been subdivided to form apartments. There are also some small apartment buildings within the community. Most of the homes and apartment buildings were constructed from 1940 to 1999.

Today, the Greenville community has a residential real estate vacancy rate of 16.6 percent. This figure is decidedly above the national average—higher than vacancy rates in 77.9 percent of all residential neighborhoods in the U.S. This high vacancy rate can be attributed to seasonal occupation of housing by college faculty and students, to business executives who operate from multiple locations during the year, or to families who move to vacation venues for the summer months. In any case, this high vacancy percentage will make your move to an apartment in Greenville much easier, especially if you need to relocate fairly quickly.

Cultural Attractions in Greenville, DE

Greenville, DE, has many well-known cultural centers of great interest to residents and visitors alike. These educational and enjoyable points of interest include the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, the Delaware Museum of Natural History and Twin Lakes Brewing Company. These attractions have much to offer visitors, including the following:

  • Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library: The treasured Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library located on Kennett Pike is a cultural site of note that was founded by Henri Francis Du Pont. The Du Pont family lived in the beautiful elegance of the surrounding estate, and the garden of 60 acres displays spectacular, yet tasteful, color and design in every detail. The museum houses an extensive collection of early American antiques.
  • Delaware Museum of Natural History: This comprehensive natural history museum in nearby Wilmington offers dynamic and enthralling educational exhibits depicting animals in their natural habitats from around the globe plus interactive programs for visitors.
  • Twin Lakes Brewing Company: This friendly brewery produces fresh, flavorful beer and offers beer tastings and tours of the facility. Private and special events can be planned for as many as 300 guests.

Restaurants and Nightlife in Greenville, DE

There are some very good restaurants in the Greenville area with colorful, inviting decor and delicious cuisine, such as:

  • Back Burner Restaurant, Tavern & Cafe To Go: This stylish rural restaurant and tavern is in the interior of a renovated barn. The menu is seasonal and has a unique list of favorite dishes, including Pumpkin Mushroom Soup. Aside from the warm, comfortable tavern tables and bar area, there is a charming fireplace room with additional seating. In the Cafe To Go, you can order your favorite take-out foods as well.
  • Columbus Inn: This well-established inn and restaurant in Wilmington is reopening its doors this season, serving delicious seasonal American dishes. It also features an "old world" wine list with meals along with your choice of "pre-prohibition" cocktails, all served in the historic setting of a 300-year-old building. Due to the period ambiance and the drinks dating back to "happy hours and nights out" before prohibition, you may think you are in a speakeasy during the 1920s.
  • Krazy Kat's Restaurant: In its early days, this unique restaurant was the town's blacksmith shop. Currently, it is known for the freshness and artistry of its American dishes as well as its unusual style. Krazy Kat's also has a location in Wilmington, just a short distance away from the city's noted suburb of Greenville, DE.

Transportation Options in Greenville, DE

Among current Greenville residents, over 94 percent drive their cars to and from work. Since the majority of the town's employed residents work in Wilmington, their commute is only 15 to 30 minutes long. Those who do not drive to and from their places of business either travel on local commuter trains or use area bus service. When you move to your lovely new apartment in Greenville, DE, you will most likely find that, even with rising gasoline prices, commuting to work by car is the simplest, easiest and most efficient means of travel.

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