Grand Forks, ND

Sitting on the eastern border of North Dakota, Grand Forks is the last major urban center on Interstate 29 heading north before it crosses the U.S.-Canadian border. It is also a major stopping point on Route 2, running east and west. Those two routes, heavily traveled in and out of North Dakota, make Grand Forks a major crossing point and influx of outside culture to the North Dakota region.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Grand Forks, ND

Grand Forks is home to 98,300 residents as of 2012. The area enjoys a very good combination of lots of jobs available, a lower than average cost of living and a low cost of real estate. The one major drawback is that the general temperature range runs from 80 degrees in the summer to -5 degrees in the winter. Folks who can’t handle cold in the winter won’t do well in Grand Forks.

Cultural Attractions in Grand Forks, ND

The city has been dubbed a “cultural oasis” in a region that is not well known or remarkable for the arts. Much of the arts environment and creativity is influenced and generated by the University and its student body, so a dichotomy of a conservative region and modern art weave together in Grand Forks, making the community a unique gem in the state and region.

Shopping in Grand Forks, ND

Grand Forks has all the big name stores present for retail needs, ranging from resources for hobby enthusiasts to the latest clothing names as well as tools, electronics, motorcycles, vehicles, salon needs, multiple home furnishing stores, and of course outdoor sports and hunting. Many of the retail centers carry some of the latest products in their industries. As a result, residents in Grand Forks are enjoying some of the same state of the art technology and designs as folks in Los Angeles.

Dining and Nightlife in Grand Forks, ND

The town has no shortage of restaurants and food venues. While there are plenty of brand name food sources that can be found in any city, Grand Forks also offers its residents a variety of local fares as well as out-of-town delicacies. Residents can regularly enjoy Mediterranean food, burgers and sodas, garden and vegetarian menus, fish and seafood, and even Mexican food.

In terms of night-time entertainment, the town offers residents card houses, pubs and bars, sports events, hockey and even more hockey, theater and performance arts from the University, bands, and even more food for afterwards late at night.

If you live and work in eastern North Dakota, Grand Forks is the place to set down roots. With the amenities offered, the place is practically light years ahead of other communities in the state, which is particularly important for the younger set who are looking for more than just a place to work and sleep.

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