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Grand Crossing carries a proud role as the up-and-coming cultural hub of Chicago, showcasing a growing economic scene of young professionals and established community values inherent to the Southside identity. This neighborhood presents an ideal background for new families looking to integrate into Chicago culture, while giving the high-energy business elite convenient services and entertainment options for a relaxing refuge from the downtown area. Resting between the Chicago Skyway Toll Road and the Dan Ryan Expressway, this official community area stands proud of its history founded on the railway culture of the mid-19th century. Residents enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle cultivated by strong community ties and a thriving education system that promotes local business opportunities and economic stability. With a racially diverse population that has endured struggle and hardship, Grand Crossing has grown to support Chicago's foremost creative art foundations as a reflection of this history. From excellent community amenities to a broad range of affordable and luxury housing, Grand Crossing provides fulfilling and stable lives for its residents.

Schools in Grand Crossing

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Popular chain restaurants and family-friendly diners make up much of the culinary scene in this area. The neighborhood eateries serve up hearty portions of traditional favorites and dishes that put a Midwestern twist on Southern classics. Lem's BBQ House invites hungry diners to pig out on rib tips and hot links. Customers initially come for the full slab of pork ribs and the fried chicken wings, but they return for the unique sauces and spices that make this place one of the go-to barbecue restaurants in the greater Chicago area. After you devour your plate of fried shrimp or chicken gizzards, make sure to enjoy Lem's thick and flavorful barbecue sauce with an order of French fries. You can also purchase a bucket of sauce to-go and share it with friends or family at your next gathering. When gorging on barbecue forces you into a diet, Original Soul Vegetarian allows you to enjoy a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal without sacrificing flavor. This restaurant prepares 100 percent plant-based meals that even the local carnivores appreciate. Woodlawn Tap is one of the closest bars featuring live music in this area, and downtown marks the best place to get a blues or jazz fix. Diving into the nightlife has never been an issue for Grand Crossing residents, as the neighborhood features easy access to the upscale clubs and hangouts in the downtown area via the ME line.

History & Culture

Grand Crossing holds a significant place in Chicago's great history as the epicenter for the city's railroad expansion. Its name comes from a feud in 1853 between the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway and the Illinois Central Railroad. Both companies claimed a right-of-way that intersected 75th Street and South Chicago Avenue. Oddly enough, development in this area began after a train crash that resulted from the feud. Swampland and sparse cottages dominated the area until the World's Fair Columbian Exposition of 1893 stimulated an influx of residents and a housing boom. Poverty and depopulation crippled the area in the 1960s, but the community has undergone several revitalization and urban planning projects that influenced an artistic boom. The ETA Creative Arts Foundation reflects this arduous history by providing the greater Chicago area with local theater, art galleries and classrooms. Since it opened its doors in 1971, the Creative Arts Foundation has grown into Chicago's foremost center for African American arts. Stop over on a Monday evening to check out local musical performers or join a playwright workshop at the foundation's ETA's Playwrights Discovery Development Initiative.


Grand Crossing lives up to its name by resting in the center of the Chicago Skyway and the Dan Ryan Expressway. These two populated highways provide this neighborhood with instant access to the entire Chicago area, while allowing residents a scenic escape to rural Illinois and Indiana. Travel by car from Grand Crossing on these two interstates and you may encounter significant traffic delays to the downtown area. South Shore Drive remains relatively clear during the weekdays, providing serene views of Lake Michigan as you make your daily commute. Satisfy your travel bug and explore the world from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Located 27 miles north along I-94, you should give yourself 50 minutes by car or taxi when making the trip. Look for flights departing from Chicago Midway International Airport, as you can reach this airport in half the time along West 59th Street. Metra serves the entire Grand Crossing area with minimal commute times to the Chicago Loop via the ME line. Several stations provide easy walking access to the ME line, located at 75th Street and Chicago Avenue or at the Stoney Island Station on 71st Street. If you prefer to take the bus throughout Grand Crossing or to the greater Chicago area, you can catch the 28 or the Express 28 along Stoney Island Avenue. Several taxi companies service the area, including the Jet Livery Service and the Metro Cab Company.


Life in Grand Crossing features a low cost-of-living when compared to most neighborhoods in Chicago, while revitalization projects have allowed for a growth in luxury homes and goods. Numerous modest housing developments, brick bungalows and townhouses provide many options for young professionals looking to save on rent and for established families seeking comfort. Near Roseblum Park, for instance, renters can grab a three-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors for about $1,000 a month. You can discover more affordable units by looking near Rainbow Beach Park, where apartments offer stunning views of Lake Michigan for around $700.


Bargain shopping and a spirited arts scene reflect the character of Grand Crossing, ensuring modern conveniences while encouraging innovating and creative development. Try on some chic hats at Sconi Wear or stock up on meats at the renowned Mam Produce & Meat Inc., all while strolling along Renaissance Row on 75th Street. When looking to grace your home with African American and Caribbean Art, the Woodshop Art Gallery stands as your ideal boutique art shop. Shoppers come from all over Chicago to enjoy authentic contemporary and classic works of art produced by local, national and international artists. Browse among eye-catching African masks, or diversify your collection with ethnic wood carvings. Grand Crossing residents have several options when looking for groceries and low-priced necessities. ALDI on South State Street provides budget prices on meat and produce. If you are looking for last-minute flowers and gifts, Rhodes Florist serves the Grand Crossing area with flowers for any occasion.


Within a sprawling urban atmosphere, Grand Crossing blends outdoors organizations with acres of open parks to help promote active and healthy lifestyles. A variety of small neighborhood parks also encourage families to get outside and enjoy some fresh air together. Grand Crossing Park stands as the epicenter for outdoors activities, giving residents more than 17 acres of quiet walking paths and sports amenities. Burn off those winter calories and hit up the fitness center and two gymnasiums in the park's community center. Spend hot summer days wading in the community pool, or gather your friends for a game of basketball at one of the outdoor basketball courts. Rainbow Beach Park offers panoramic views of the entire Chicago skyline, and children can participate in the Park Kids after school program that supports seasonal sports on the beach, and arts and crafts. Dog lovers find a fun and friendly social atmosphere for their beloved pets at the South Shore Dog Beach located within Rainbow Beach Park. Keep on the lookout for holiday-themed park events held throughout the year.
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