Germantown – Philadelphia, PA

Recognized as one of America's most historic neighborhoods, Germantown dates back to 1683. In 1689, William Penn signed a charter for Germantown as part of the province of Pennsylvania. Today, Germantown contains fantastic Colonial architecture, with many buildings designated as museums. The neighborhood sits just six miles northwest of the city center in Downtown Philadelphia and constitutes a portion of Northwest Philadelphia. When looking at apartments in Germantown, be sure to check out the Colonial Germantown Historic District. This, the oldest part of the neighborhood, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the site of the first anti-slavery protest in 1688, the location of the Battle of Germantown in 1777, and it's where George Washington spent two months in 1794.

Schools in Germantown

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Restaurants & Nightlife

Germantown contains a vast selection of dining options, ranging from small specialty cafes to extravagant internationally themed bistros and eateries. The majority of these establishments sit in the Mount Airy area of Germantown. Residents can also find a fair selection of fast food and nationally recognized chain restaurants throughout the neighborhood and surrounding areas. High Point Cafe sits nestled in the heart of Mt. Airy Village and serves a sundry assortment of fresh baked goods. The business thrives on its principles of hospitality, service and community, using only the best raw ingredients and seasonal fruits to craft its savory and delectable pastries. Customers highly recommend ordering a cup of High Point Cafe's full-bodied coffee, but for a real treat, try the savory caramelized apple and cheddar crepe. When you want an intimate Italian dining experience that consists of only the highest quality and authentic dishes, look no further than Bacio. Located on West Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Bacio owns a reputation for having a relaxing and stimulating environment and hearty traditional entrees. The restaurant features an open kitchen complete with a team of knowledgeable and friendly employees who make you feel completely at home. Try the Chicken Parmesan, a divine combination of succulent and crisp chicken breast coupled with pasta, mozzarella cheese and a flavorsome tomato sauce. Lounges, pubs and taverns dominate the nightlife scene of Germantown, but a sprinkling of music halls, nightclubs and dive bars exist throughout the neighborhood as well. The more mature crowd prefers Delmar Bar and Lounge, which features tasteful decor and a perfect environment for those who want a nice drink and a relaxing time. However, for the majority of Germantown residents, McMenamin's Tavern acts as the main source of nightly entertainment. The tavern houses a fully functioning bar that serves a healthy selection of ales and simultaneously provides an ambient dining environment. With its friendly and attentive staff and top-notch customer service, McMenamin's Tavern earns its reputation as a hidden gem of the neighborhood. When visiting, try the fish and chips, a dish consisting of freshly prepared beer-battered basa fillet served with a side of French fries and spicy house tartar sauce.

History & Culture

Originally founded as an independent borough of Philadelphia, Germantown holds its place in history as the birthplace of the American anti-slavery movement. The neighborhood's founders were of Quaker and Mennonite denominations and went on to foster a movement of growth that gave birth to the construction of numerous historically significant residences and buildings. Such locations include the first bank in the United States and the temporary residence of former president George Washington at Germantown White House, formerly known as the Deshler-Morris House in Germantown. In 1864, Germantown was officially incorporated into Philadelphia under the Act of Consolidation. The Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion serves the neighborhood as one of the most heavily frequented museum attractions in the community. The museum offers daily tours and puts on numerous productions throughout the course of the year. Catch the Revolutionary Germantown Festival in October to experience a full display of the town's history in a festival environment.


The most common means of transportation within Germantown are cars, buses and railways; but residents also travel by foot. Two main SEPTA Regional Rail lines connect Germantown to the city center, while the other connects to Chestnut Hill. Several SEPTA-sponsored bus routes also run throughout the city. Taxi services are accessible throughout the neighborhood, with an option for Uber service available throughout Philadelphia. A number of entrances to the Roosevelt Expressway and the Lincoln Highway are found along the outskirts of the city. Philadelphia is among the top 10 bike-friendly states, so naturally bikers in Germantown enjoy access to numerous bike routes. Many businesses and buildings throughout the neighborhood provide free parking, with additional options for metered and public parking available around Germantown.


The cost of living in Germantown sits at 5 percent less than the city average. Traveling to the center of the city costs no more than $2.25 for a one-way route via SEPTA bus. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the area stands at approximately $750. You can grab a pint of beer at a local bar for about $5, with gas prices sitting at about 6 percent higher than the national average.


A variety of independently owned boutiques and specialty stores characterize the main shopping district of Germantown, dominantly located in the Mount Airy area of the neighborhood. A fair distribution of nationally recognized outlets and chain businesses span throughout Philadelphia as well. Bargain Thrift Center, located on Germantown Avenue, presents a broad selection of pre-owned merchandise ranging from vintage tea sets and housewares to name brand men and women's clothing. With its affordable prices and a courteously helpful staff, locals highly recommend this hidden gem. An assortment of smaller community-driven grocery stores services the neighborhood. Weavers Way, a community-owned food co-op acts as one of the main locations for resident grocery needs and provides a "local, fresh, and socially vetted" product selection. Customers can pick up a freshly cooked chicken and salad lunch or stock up for the month with the store's bulk inventory of specialty items. The Market at the Fareway in Chestnut Hill is open Thursday through Saturday and is also found on Germantown Avenue. The market offers a rich selection of fresh produce, meats, and snacks from local vendors. Special events include live musical performances.


Parks in Germantown range from recreation-centric outdoor environments to smaller playgrounds and community-driven efforts. Center in the Parks serves Germantown as a nonprofit community center that provides older adults with a variety of social, art-related and recreational activities. The Awbury Arboretum welcomes its visitors with free admission throughout the year with access to 55 acres of historical landscape coupled with breathtaking foliage and emerald green forestation. The park provides a pet-friendly environment and a peaceful retreat into nature, which is perfect for guests of all ages. Additionally, fans of the Harry Potter series enjoy the annual blockbuster Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill every October.
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